How to save petrol car?

Questions reduce fuel consumption, or in other words how to save petrol car, always agitated inquiring minds motorists and car owners. This issue has become for many of them a welcome miracle, which few people encountered in practice, but in which all truly believed, or wanted to believe. And where there is hope for a miracle is always inevitable emergence of scams that earn shamelessly on human weaknesses and create information noise nuisance impartially understand where the truth lies and where marketing.

The category of fraudulent funds, designed to save fuel are all sorts of ionizers, magnetizer, homogenizer, the creators of torsion fields and other technical and confusing mentioned devices. Impact on fuel consumption, they have practically no, but bring good income for their creators. If something of this really works, it would long ago have been used in the construction of cars automakers, as between them constantly is competition, one of the areas of which is the reduction of fuel consumption.

How to really save fuel by car
Consider the real ways to save gasoline on the car in order to reduce their impact on fuel consumption.
  1. The manner of driving.Perhaps, it is the largest reserve in order to save fuel. To reduce fuel consumption by driving style should avoid sudden acceleration, especially on turbocharged engines, and avoid running the engine at high speeds. As they say experienced drivers, in this case, the car rides "vnatyag." This means that the gear shift in the driver produces it at the speed of about 1500-2000 revolutions / min. This style of drive is able to save a significant amount of fuel compared to the dynamic movement. If your riding and so calm and unhurried, the savings will not be as noticeable.
  2. Vehicle condition.Avoid high fuel consumption will help complete the serviceability of all involved in the movement and ensure its mechanisms. Fuel lines must be airtight and have no leaks, the chassis must not have excessive rolling resistance . More fuel will have to expend in the case of wear of the engine, to receive from it power sufficient for movement . Trying to save fuel on the defective vehicle original not the best idea .
  3. The use of additional equipment.A notable consumer power of the engine, which also increases fuel consumption , the car is air-conditioned , providing a comfortable environment in the cabin during high ambient temperatures . If from the air conditioner you can not give up , you can turn off unused electrical consumers is possible. Radio , Video , navigation , battery charger into the cigarette lighter - all this increases the load on the generator and increases fuel consumption .
    Tire Pressure MonitoringTire Pressure Monitoring
  4. Tire pressure.While driving the car tires have a rolling resistance of the vehicle. To rolling resistance remained within acceptable limits must be regularly calibrated tire pressure and bring it to the recommended , as even in good RV pressure may be reduced by the amount of 0.06 atm month.
  5. The viscosity of the engine oil.Use quality avtomasla with manufacturer's recommended viscosity. Engine oil higher viscosity impedes the passage of engine parts and lead to increased fuel consumption. Timely replacement of oil and the oil filter .
  6. Do not compromise the aerodynamics of the body.Various attachments to the vehicle, usually degrade its aerodynamic performance and lead to fuel consumption. Such items may be treated as decorative elements, and functionality in the form of the trunk or roof boxes . All aerodynamic body kits, such as the rear spoiler or a wing, also increase resistance to the movement of air. Avoid using them for fuel economy . To worsen the aerodynamics also lead ajar while driving the car window.
  7. Speed ​​drive.At high speeds, significantly increases resistance of air flow , which in turn can increase fuel consumption by 30 %. It is important to find the optimum speed, where fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is minimal . This is easily done on the cars equipped with trip computer for the instantaneous fuel consumption.
    How to save petrol car?
  8. The weight of the car.Here, everything is intuitive . The smaller mass will have a car , the less power it will spend on movement. Reserves for weight reduction is not very much. First of all the machine you want to remove all unnecessary items for daily trips . In addition, lower operating weight of the vehicle can not tucking his full fuel tanks , and to between half and a quarter tank . But in this case you have to often stop off at gas stations .
  9. Planning trips.Moving in the city, try to choose routes with the least amount of "traffic jams."
  10. Literate tuning.Rational tuning can help reduce fuel consumption. For example, replacing the standard wheels on lighter discs of durable and lightweight forging can achieve fuel economy . But the quality is not always cheap tuning and hardly costs will be offset by a slight decrease in fuel consumption.
It is not necessary to hope that you will be able to dramatically reduce fuel consumption. In this direction have already been working for a long time all known car manufacturers and they have involved most of the available at the current level of technology reserves. The maximum that you can save - it's 10-15 % of your usual fuel consumption mainly due to changes in driving style combined with some of the other techniques described above . It is necessary to do it in the end or not, up to you.