How to improve diction and speech?

Literate , well- delivered speech - an indispensable attribute of any leader or person , to communicate with a wider audience . It is important not only to be well- informed on the subject of communication and be able to convey to the audience all the basic ideas of conversation , but also to possess skills of the speech apparatus and have a strong voice ( promise ) that can reach the most remote corners of the large hall .

The main components of professional diction
  • Speech literacy.
  • Well developed articulation (speech) machine.
  • Absence of speech defects, which include: stuttering rhotacism (burr) and lisping (errors in pronunciation whistling or hissing sounds)
  • Properly delivered breath as a factor affecting the duration of the pronunciation of a large amount of information without forced breaks, as well as the power of sending voice.
Exercises for development of articulation device
In order to achieve quick results such studies are recommended daily and as often as possible , under favorable conditions (prese
nce of a warm environment, the absence of extraneous and a few minutes of free time ) . Exercises provide more effective if conducted comprehensively.
  1. "Proboscis".
  2. "Smile".
  3. Alternation "proboscis" with "smile".
  4. "Crossroads."
  5. " The blade and stab ." Slightly open your mouth and wide smile , put the language on his lower lip , trying to relax him as much as possible . Hold the tongue in this position for 5-6 seconds , then strain the language and take them some " stabbing " movements . Do 8-10 repetitions.
Correction Kartavykh
Contrary to popular belief , burr in most cases quite easily correctable , even in adults . Most often, the reason lies in its underdeveloped mobility language. Therefore combine basic exercises corrective rhotacism with training on development of motor activity of the language.
  1. Clicking language, or - the clatter.
  2. " Vehicle ." Long pronounce the sound of "D" , placing under the tongue of a toothbrush handle and making it easy vibration , resulting in the sound will be pronounced as " DR ." At the end of 1-2 weeks, try to do this exercise without the assistance of a foreign object , and very soon " HLR " will sound like a clear "P" . The duration of this exercise should be about about 1 minute .
  3. "Tractor" . This , at first glance, simple training, practice proves to be very effective. Say the word " tractor " , focusing on the sound of "P" in the first syllable of the word. Repeat training every day at every opportunity , and the result will not take long .
Correction lisping
  • To " teach " the language in the forward interdental space , begin training with blowing candles or blowing on a cut sheet of paper. Try to start with the tip of the tongue of the lower incisors . At first, the sound is pronounced lisp , but when your tongue gets used correctly guide the air stream , will gradually be changing the sound closer to the "C".
  • Pronounce the syllables that begin with the sound of "C" followed by a soft vowel (Xia, Xu, si, se);
  • Securing the right sounds sound "C", you can start working on the sounds of "Z" and "C", according to the same principle as with the work of the "C".
Treatment of stuttering
The cause of stuttering is usually spontaneous fear of communication - and as a result , internal fixation on this defect , further exacerbates the situation lalopathy ( a person suffering from this or that speech defect ) . If you want to solve this problem without the help of a specialist , try the following methods :
  1. A meditative reading. Turn on some relaxing music without the background voice , create a relaxed atmosphere in the room and slowly recite a poem ( written in the best form of hexameter ) . Carry out such training every evening , when you are free from the affairs and problems. Spend 15-20 minutes daily pursuits . After 2-3 weeks , try to read the text without music in the same slow pace. Over time, your speech will become smooth and measured.
  2. Excellent remedy for getting rid of stuttering - singing.
  3. When communicating learn to find a pause to gather his thoughts.
Proper breathing and possession of voting power
In order to master the technique of sending voice , it is important to be able to use your breath. Very good results are obtained by a specially developed technique AN Strelnikova , which is actively used actors, politicians and others whose activities are directly related to public communication . Because this method requires a deep study, please go directly to the author's work , you can easily find on the Internet.
Professional, clear diction - it is achievable, it is only important to believe in the result and strive towards its goal!