How to save up for a car?

The car is no longer a luxury but just a means of transportation. But it is quite a major acquisition purchase. A desire to acquire the iron horse is stronger than any aspirations. But if , for some reason , contact the bank for a loan and do not want to borrow a large sum , too, there is no desire , you will have to save money , aiming for an early accumulation of the required amount . How quickly accumulate on the car ? - Come to the aid will power , patience and a little ingenuity .


With an average salary to become the owner of the domestic car everyone can.

We set goals
So the dream of buying an iron horse into a material achievable goal . Now you need to determine the name of the machine and its price. And also to relate the cost of new cars and used the capabilities of your income. Once the required amount will be determined , it is necessary to choose the terms of savings.

To find out how much you need to put off the purchase of a monthly car, its cost should be divided by the number of months. In Eur
ope, it is believed that not reasonable to spend on the purchase of cars worth more than your annual salary. But there's more and wages in our country is usually in need of some adjustment. For example, if the next car is 400 thousand. Rubles, and the period for which you plan to accumulate this amount is 24 months, the monthly amount of approximately 17 thousand. Rubles. If the possibility to postpone such a sum is not, it is necessary to revise the terms of savings and the cost of the car.

Increase savings
Save up for the car faster in several ways.
  1. Open a bank deposit is replenished . So you will ensure the preservation of money , protect yourself from the desire to spend the accumulated savings and increase finance. Bank deposit is the most popular means of increasing the cumulative amount. In this case, he will quickly accumulate money for a car .
  2. If you know enough about investing, you can try to increase capital through riskier but more profitable if luck means.
    • Money can be invested in mutual funds (PIFs).
    • the most popular way of investing - is Forex.
    • asset management services allow you to transfer money professional who invests himself in the Forex market , receiving income. But in any way, whether you are trading on their own, or transfer their money management , Forex trading is high risk and invest in it only the amounts loss which you can go through , there is not completely out of money.

  3. This method is suitable when podnakopit already substantial sum.

Often, the owners of broken machines sell them for the price of two , or even three times lower than the cost of the car without damage. If the machine only external damage and the car on the move, it can safely buy and invest a small amount in its repair . The updated cars can be sold at market value of used cars and get some revenue from it . With the proceeds from the sale of the money to buy a car that you planned. And you can keep the car repaired .

It's one thing to start saving money , the other - not to break and not spend it on anything. To do this, you need to constantly see the goal . For example, put a screen saver on your computer the desired car . Or hang posters with his picture on the wall. If you constantly think of the successful bid and see desired , thoughts necessarily materialize , and the purpose of buying a car is reached.