How to please the employer during the interview?

Talk with your employer - an important point when attempting to employment , since it is the behavior of the applicant and his ability to clearly state their professional qualifications directly depends on the result of business conversation . How to behave at the first meeting with a potential employer to confirm their suitability for the profession with dignity and pass the tests to get a place in the company?

When employment is equally significant role played by two stages - namely, the preparation for the meeting and the interview itself directly.

Preparing for an interview
In order to make a favorable impression on the employer, you must take care about the image of the business, responsible and committed person.
  1. In just a few days before the interview, look at open-source information on the organization in which you want to work. Thanks to the Internet this would be easy. Home page of the site of the company will allow you to get acquainted with the history of its formation, the principles of work and p
    ersonnel policies. In addition, there you are sure to find data about the head, a meeting which is scheduled for the next time. Selecting during a business conversation a good time, you will be able to express their awareness of the work of the enterprise, and therefore - interest in cooperation.
  2. Carefully Work on their appearance . Think carefully about all the details , pick up elements of the suit , tidy clothes , hands and hair . Restrained business style clothes in soft colors , conservative but stylish shoes , clean and neatly arranged hair, manicure , discreet , moderate daytime makeup , as well as the absence of unnecessary adornments and pungent smell of perfume and help you make the right impression on the head of the company .
  3. In preparation do not forget to take care of the availability of documents and the necessary things : in addition to the diploma, the recommendations and the work book in your bag should be present notebook and pen in good condition . It is better to buy in this case the new accessory , if not expensive , then at least its design work on your image and the serious business person.
  4. Well-researched script your conversation, from the moment of your arrival and ending with the clear wording of the responses to possible questions. Rehearse self-presentation. Tune in to the calm and confident state during a call. Keep in mind that employment these days is quite common method of provocation, so be prepared for any unexpected actions on the part of the interlocutor, from the "courtship" and ending frankly rude behavior. Thus revealed stress tolerance and personal qualities of candidates, so your task - in the event of such moments to respond to them quietly, discreetly stressing the purpose of his visit.
How to behave at the interview
  1. Come to the office in 15-20 minutes before the start of the meeting . This time is necessary in order to tune in and make up your mind. In addition, while you wait for the reception , you will have the opportunity to provide additional information about the company posted on the stands in the form of orders , certificates and licenses. Before entering the office do not forget to turn off the phone .
  2. When prompted, enter the room, say hello, and if you are offered a chair, asked permission to sit down. Do not ask questions, you will be given the opportunity to voice them at the end of the interview. Speak calmly and quietly, but clearly not faltering. Stay with friendly dignity. Do not talk about what you do not ask. Refer to the other party with a touch of a friendly smile on his face. If necessary, use a notebook and writing materials. No fuss and do not connect in conversation humor - at a business interview is - too much. When prompted to ask questions, do not start with their inquiries on wages and social guarantees. These nuances have voiced last. Start with the questions about the team, the specifics of job duties and work schedule, and even after the transition to the financial topic. Emphasize that your desire to work in this company is primarily dictated by its reputation and credibility in professional circles.
  3. Saying goodbye , leave your contact information to the employer . An additional advantage would be if you worry about how to order on such an important occasion business cards. This change will also increase your ranking in the eyes of the interlocutor. Express your gratitude for taking your time and hope for further cooperation .
The interview is over and you have managed to cope with all the honor complex stage ? Congratulations! You will surely get a coveted place! And do not forget to turn on your phone , so as not to miss the long-awaited and important call from the new chief !