How to update the maps on the navigator?

Navigation systems operating in the territory of Russia, progressed significantly in recent years. Adds new useful features, improved and updated maps, enhanced overall performance and operation of programs dealing with small flaws and constantly improving their interface. Sama important issue in the work of any navigation system are, of course, the actual map. That is why the developers of the navigation software make regular map updates, and users navigation load them into their devices.

How to update maps Navitel Navigator
Consider the process of updating the maps and navigation software by the example of a road navigator Texet navigation from "Navitel ." For browsers other companies with other navigation systems activities will be about the same .
  1. Visit the official site of the manufacturer of navigation software.
  2. Sign up on the website and enter the personal cabinet.
  3. In a private office , locate the " My Device" and add the new device . Confirm the legality of the software used for navigation by entering
    a license key . If you have purchased Navigator preloaded with navigation system , this key should be in the box with the device. Find him .
  4. After checking the key in your personal account should appear in front of which the registered device will be a link to the available updates.
  5. Select the version of the software for your device and maps the desired areas. Download the required files . Be careful. The cards can have a capacity of 1 GB and above that require high-speed internet connection to download from .
  6. Unpack the archive file.
  7. Windows 7 will determine the connected device itself prompts you to download the necessary drivers for him and software. For Windows Vista and Windows XP may require manual installation of the program «Microsoft ActiveSync» or « Device Center Windows Mobile» from the official site
  8. Connection Navigator is available in two modes: normal flash drive (Mass Storage) , and in sync with your computer (MS ActiveSync). By and large, the choice of mode is not so important . The main thing - access to the device's file system and file folder navigation program .
  9. Locate the folder Navitel and copy it to your computer. Thanks to this item will be backed up the data from which you can always recover your device if a new version of the program refused to work on it , or you do not like their job.
  10. Delete all files in the folder except NavitelAuto_Activation_Ket.txt or Registration_Key.txt if available.
  11. Copy the contents of the archive with a new version of the program in this folder.
  12. Locate the folder that contains the map navigator . In this case, the full path to the folder / ResidentFlash / NavitelContent / Maps. Instead ResidentFlash disk on which are stored in the card navigators Texet, it can be called NandFlash or DataFlash. In other devices, the name of the course may be different.
  13. Copy your old card , just in case your computer hard drive to be able to restore them if necessary . Download the downloaded file with the new cards. The process of copying via USB 2.0 may take 40 minutes or more , as a file with the card will have an impressive amount (more than 1 GB).
  14. After downloading the maps and software updates , run the navigation on the device and check the correctness of its work. The first launch of the new maps may take a long time. This is normal , because the new cards will be reindexed , which will in future faster to work with them.
If done correctly, the updated version of the navigation software will run without any problems and will have to work with the new cards. Update maps in this way is recommended every 6-12 months . Most do it almost does not make sense , because the differences from the old version will be minimal and you simply do not notice .