As the paint chips on the car?

The advent of chips in the paintwork of cars - it's almost inevitable phenomenon . Random stone off from under the wheels of the machine , moving in the opposite direction , or passing , often has enough energy to blow in place chipped paint on the body . The situation worsened in recent years, the automotive industry with the transition to a more environmentally-friendly water-soluble paints and varnishes that are significantly inferior in their mechanical strength of the traditional nitro or acrylic enamel .

As a result, after a certain period of operation before the car owners there is a question how to paint appeared on the car paint chips . In fact, besides the loss of appearance may be chipped home for the emergence and development of corrosion on the car body .

Nothing complicated in marking chips there . For minor repairs to paint every automaker issued a special two-component repair kits consisting of the base paint and a protective varnish. Choose a set of the color of the paint of your car can be
in its VIN- code official dealers , or independently in electronic catalogs provided by online stores of spare parts . Following the acquisition of a set of touch-up can begin painting over chips with the following order .
  1. Thoroughly wash and dry the car body to it more visible areas of damage and chipped paint.
  2. Degrease all the places that will be tinted.
  3. Shake the bottle of paint - base. Gently apply a first coat of paint on the damaged areas . If peeling a small area , it can be used for coloring a toothpick placed on the tip of a drop of ink and filling her spot damage to the paint . For larger damage it is necessary to use special thin brush.
  4. Wait for the complete drying of the first layer of paint.
  5. After two coats of paint, apply 1-2 coats of protective clear lacquer from the second vial repair kit.
  6. Complete drying and curing paint varnish happen within a month. You can then try a light touch-up polishing place to remove the irregularities . If everything was done carefully, after polishing shaded areas will be almost imperceptible .
Check the condition of your car's paint, paint over time appearing on it chipped.