How to check the pregnancy without the test?

Pregnancy test - a modern medical instrument , a safe, and most importantly - accurate. But even today the situation when an urgent need to check the pregnancy test without - well , would not it handy at the right time ! Leave far away from civilization , the journey to a distant country with a strange language, but just in the early morning pharmacies have not opened yet , you never know the circumstances of the case . Just you in whatever it was necessary to define pregnancy without tests and ultrasound alone. We coped well with that of our grandmothers , hence we can.

No doctor would not approve of such a careless attitude to the state of the female body. But the fact is that no doctor nearby - otherwise you would have asked him, right? And you will do it, but until then there is nothing wrong to try to check the pregnancy traditional methods. Checking early pregnancy will only rough, very conventional and low fidelity results, but more importantly. Traditional methods of determining pregnancy will take
time and distract you, to calm down. They did not cancel visit to the doctor, but allow pregnancy check at home without the test.

Is it possible to independently determine the pregnancy without tests and ultrasound?
Pregnancy is accompanied by a deep restructuring of the female body. It primarily affects the production of hormones, which, in turn, regulate the operation of all systems and organs. Sex hormones are contained in different concentrations in the male and female body, regardless of pregnancy after fertilization but their level is changing, and rather quickly and strongly - on this property construct validity of rapid tests for pregnancy. Especially important is the level of the hormone of the placenta: chorionic gonadotrophin, abbreviated hCG. Its concentration in urine is increased several times already in the first few weeks of pregnancy and it is recognized in serum and urine.

Obviously, only in a chemical laboratory can take these liquids on the analysis and conduct significant research in their composition . In an extreme case - to use purchased in a drugstore pregnancy test at home , aware that the sensitivity of this test it can be used not earlier than 7-10 days after fertilization. And then, the error will be 1%. But the possibility of an error other methods are even higher ! You can navigate to them by a set of attributes :
  1. Breast Augmentationunder the action of sex hormones. This nipple may become brighter and more sensitive , down to the pain . Activation of the mammary glands for the upcoming lactation - a natural phenomenon during pregnancy , but also the breast becomes juicy and sensitive before menstruation , therefore, to rely solely on this feature , especially in the early stages , it is impossible.
  2. Sorenessand severity of not only breast , but in the lower abdomen , waist also occur with the beginning of pregnancy , and show an increase in cancer. However, in the early days , and even weeks , this growth is still very insignificant, and severity of fluid retention caused by more than the actual size of the internal organs .
  3. Weight gainin early pregnancy is also due to fluid retention by the body , up to noticeable swelling . Heaviness in the legs , swollen ankles , bags under the eyes - typical signs of swelling , but there are also after eating salty foods and / or sweets.
    nausea as one of the signs of pregnancynausea as one of the signs of pregnancy
  4. Nauseamorning peculiar to pregnant women during the first trimester , but it is not at all. Although in conjunction with other symptoms listed above is the morning urge to vomit may indicate pregnancy even before a missed period , that is, at a very early period .
  5. Aggravation of smell, Changes in taste perception and preferences become a byword to describe the signs of pregnancy . These processes are directly dependent on hormonal levels , so it is worthy of attention . However, morning sickness in this form is not manifested in every pregnant woman , so wait for it to ignore these signs and others are not worth it.
  6. Mood swings: Irritability, resentment, "eyes on the wet spot" even in calm , balanced women can be caused by changes in the level of sex hormones . Although fatigue accumulated stress , bad mood is difficult to distinguish from the pregnancy , if you focus only on emotions . In addition, similar symptoms during PMS .
  7. Weakness, dizziness, and somnolencepeculiar to pregnant women , whose body is under increased stress and wasting time and resources on the formation of the growing fetus . During pregnancy, the woman wants to lie down, leaving its forces in the performance of affairs that previously were easy - for example, when climbing stairs . However, the spring vitamin deficiency and fatigue at work, as well as athletic overtraining have similar features.
    increased appetiteincreased appetite
  8. Appetiteduring pregnancy increases, it is not surprising . It is believed that pregnant women are eating for two, but still exhibit exotic desire for food, trying to combine the salt with sweet , sour and bitter , etc. Nevertheless, suspicions about the pregnancy - that's no reason to overeat sweets and appetite can be a consequence of a strict diet or phase of the menstrual cycle.
  9. Pigmentation , rashes on the face and body spots , freckles, pimples are provoked by changes in hormonal levels , including with the onset of pregnancy. Some women even change the color of the hair , in some rare cases - a new structure ( straight hair begin to curl and wavy, on the contrary, are aligned ) . But these changes will take time , so it is unlikely they can be used to judge the pregnancy occurs in the first days or even weeks .
  10. Increased urinationduring pregnancy it is easily explained by the increased pressure of the uterus on the bladder . Pregnant women do often run to the toilet , but in the first days after conception, the uterus has not yet had time enough to grow , so does not hurt to make sure you are not sick cystitis or other diseases of the urinary tract .
As you can see, all the signs of pregnancy in its own right; but individually have little to say for sure. Their matches should not be ignored, and we can assume that you really are pregnant, but be sure to test this hypothesis more accurate medical methods. These include all the same rapid test in the form of strips or container to collect urine and ultrasound in the clinic. US, among other things, allows you to determine the status of the pregnancy, but it is not recommended to do often, as it can damage the fetus, particularly in the early stages.

How to check a pregnancy test without traditional methods?
Laboratory diagnosis of pregnancy was made available in just the past decade , and before that the women had to invent ways of home pregnancy tests and to trust them . From the point of view of modern science , traditional methods of verification of pregnancy based on the simple chemical reaction of substances with ingredients of the urine . You can do it yourself at home:
  • The definition of pregnancy using soda.Collect urine in a clean dry container of about glasses or a little less , and then pour it into a full teaspoon of baking soda . During pregnancy changing acid-base balance of urine, soda and in this case fall to the bottom of the dish precipitate . If fertilization has not been , soda react with uric acid and hissing , forming characteristic bubbles .
  • Pregnancy with iodine.As in the previous case, gaining urine into a clean container and dropped onto the surface of pharmacy iodine. In the urine of pregnant women iodine dissolved immediately, and linger on the surface of the liquid solid speck . If a drop of iodine immediately ran away and disappeared in the urine , then there is no pregnancy .
  • Determination of pregnancy pulse.Pulse is checked in an unusual place : a couple of centimeters below the navel. In this area you need to put the pads of the fingers of his right hand down and listen carefully to the pulsation. During pregnancy, blood flow in this zone is activated so that the beating should be felt .
These methods may seem naive, but even today they are popular among modern women. They do not bring harm, so it remains only advise not to attach decisive importance to them and take into account the conditions of the domestic independent tests and pregnancy. In particular, diet, medical condition, the phase of the menstrual cycle and other circumstances affecting the chemical composition of tissues and body fluids. So try to determine pregnancy traditional methods in the morning, before breakfast, healthy, and not after eating and / or drinking alcohol the night before.

How to check a pregnancy test without the early stages?
Determining pregnancy basal temperature takes an intermediate position between medical and traditional methods . On the one hand , basal temperature , that is, the body temperature in the rectum is different on different days of the menstrual cycle and, therefore, may give an idea about the state of the internal reproductive organs. On the other hand , an independent measurement of basal body temperature in the home requires strict compliance , breach of which does not show the true picture :
How to check the pregnancy without the test?
  1. Basal temperature must be measured within a few days, more precisely, in the morning, at the same time with a difference of no longer than an hour in either direction.
  2. Correctly measuring basal temperature immediately after waking up, without getting out of bed, remaining in a horizontal position.
  3. You can use an ordinary household thermometer to enter it into the rectum to a depth of about 2 cm and wait for 5-7 minutes, no less.
  4. Immediately after removing the thermometer temperature reading, remove and burn them without relying on memory.
  5. Increasing the basal body temperature is derived from the beginning of the menstrual cycle (about 36,6 ° C) to the middle of the cycle , that is to ovulation (approximately 37 ° C). If ovulation takes place without fertilization , the temperature drops again , if pregnancy occurs - basal temperature stays at around 37 ° C or lower.
On the basal temperature affects not only the possibility of pregnancy , but other internal processes , particularly inflammatory . Therefore, relying on measurements of basal body temperature to check for pregnancy, no need to test very carefully, taking into account all possible adverse circumstances and subject to the absolute health .

If you ask for, you can find a very unusual way, without determining pregnancy test. For example, the interpretation of dreams. According Horoscopes, seas, rivers and other bodies of water, live and cooked fish and literally kittens, puppies and children dream of pregnancy. Just keep in mind that, in suspenseful conception, wanting to get pregnant, you can program yourself that these events will not only haunt you in a dream, but reality. Online tests for pregnancy even funnier. In the best case, they consist of the questions about the health and well-being, at worst - offer to put a finger on the screen of the computer and focus on your subject. We hope that you, as a modern and sensible woman would not believe a similar trick and decide to check pregnancy objective methods. Good luck and take care!