Digital Voice Recorders, delivery across Russia.

How to choose a voice recorder, digital voice recorders To select a recorder, we need to decide in the first instance with its type.There are micro-cassette and digital.

With microcassette is more or less simple: the quality of his actual recording time depends on the device itself and on the quality of the tape.The advantage may be considered a low price of cassettes and the fact that having bought them a pile of them can not worry about the time of recording.Additional features - auto-reverse, hitchhiking, activation records on the presence of voice, tape counter, recording indication.However, these recorders gradually become obsolete their own, because look towards digital

Digital recorders record information to internal or removable flash-memory.It is quite expensive, so the accounts or shell out for high-capacity memory, or clear the unwanted entries or clear recording to a PC.I do not recommend buying recorders without the support of a removable memory, asyou will always be limited by the size of the
inside without the possibility of its increase.

Additional functions in digital cameras can be so much more.In addition to those that have microcassette Service may be present, the processing means records, diary, and more.

Digital Voice Recorders can (and should) be connected to a personal computer.And the collection of information from it using the sound card is connected to the headphone output is not the normal mode of operation - with the quality of the recording is lost.The best connection is via USB interface.And be sure to take a look at purchasing a USB is built into the device.Firstly, it is better if supported by USB 2.0 - it gives greater speed of reading and writing.Secondly, there is the usual USB and mini-USB.Last connected to the connector personalki is possible only through an adapter.If you already have a camcorder or digital camera to the connector miniUSB, you can safely take - to this adapter you will connect several devices.If not, a precious slot in a PC you will always be busy with a voice recorder, which is not good.

recording quality digital voice recorder, except from the device, but rather a microphone and input path, also depend on the sampling frequency and method of encoding.The human ear perceives frequencies from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.The main part of the formatted speech concentrated in frequencies 0.3-3.4 kHz.Iein order to understand what people say enough 0.3-3.4 rest of the band in the audible band since: ornament.All of this suggests that if you want to write only the voice, the voice recorder with enough bandwidth to 4 kHz (according to the Nyquist theorem (in burzhuinov - Nyquist) sampling frequency at the same time should be 8 kHz), if the capture other sounds (music, books fall to the floor), then you need to take a strip of 20 kHz (sampling frequency 40 kHz).Just do not forget that the wider the band, the faster you consume memory.

Design can also be the most diverse.Compared with classic may be in the form of conventional items such pens, if necessary to keep a record secretly.It can be equipped with a power supply to operate on a normal network connection module to the telephone line to record your conversations TF.Well, the design should choose the device you personally, according to your tastes.