Choose a mp3-player, mp3 player Modern technology is not standing still, in all there is a desire for compactness, greater reliability and practicality.Choosing mp3-player easily get lost in a broad model range of many manufacturers of audio equipment.I do not think anyone chooses mp3-player on the principle of "game - that's good."But even high-quality sound - not everything you need for a good mp3-player.Roughly speaking, select the mp3-player you need so that he could play a sufficient number of music tracks.And for this you need a reasonable amount of memory and enough power-hungry battery.

Flash, HDD, CD mp3-player

Flash, HDD, CD mp3-player Depending on the type of information carrier mp3-players are divided into three main types - Flash, HDD and CD mp3-players.More often than not choose the mp3-player you need, starting from that parameter.
CD mp3-player to play music with conventional CD-ROM drive.The amount of such players at times more of other types of mp3-players.The amount of information is limited to the disk capacity of up to 800 MB.The main a
dvantages for choosing CD mp3-player - a low cost of both the device and the drive to it.Moreover, these drives are readily available, you can buy your favorite music in any music store.For those who are not difficult to write your own music, choose the best CD mp3-player and carry them with you in your bag for the player.Choosing CD mp3-player pay attention to the function of "anti-shock".If significant fluctuations music can jam.To avoid this, choose a mp3-player with enough memory buffer "anti-shock".The most reliable popular mp3-player of this type iRiver SlimX.
If you care dimensions, here I advise to choose among flash mp3-player.They have not only compact size, low weight and, if desired, you can even wear them as a pendant around his neck.Choose flash mp3-player is necessary, based on the amount of internal memory.At present, these values ​​are in the range of 1 to 32 GB.Naturally, the more memory, the better, but more expensive.If in the future you want more memory, it is best to choose a flash mp3-player with support for memory cards.They are slightly larger in size, but their main advantage of the ability to work with maps to 1-4 GB or more.Please note only that each flash mp3-player has a limit on the amount of supported memory cards.
compromise between the size of CD and Flash mp3-players will have the option HDD mp3-player.Select HDD mp3-player because of the large amount of memory on the hard drive on the internal hard drive.On this player, you can not only store 4 to 80 GB of music, but also use it to transfer data.Winchester is protected from any kind of mechanical nevertheless better to treat them gently, and especially not drop.Another negative aspect of HDD mp3-player is a high energy consumption.Therefore, choosing among mp3-players, working on your hard drive, pay at the battery capacity.In the price category HDD mp3-players also stand above the rest, so they are not accessible to everyone.

Power mp3-player

Power mp3-player can be either a battery or battery Power mp3-player can be either a battery or battery.HDD mp3-players are supplied with batteries.Others work from ordinary batteries AA or AAA, but instead you can always use rechargeable batteries.Using a conventional battery helps in those moments when the old boarded and new can be easily bought.Rechargeable batteries are working a little bit longer and withstand many charge cycles.It is also important that moment: whether removable or built-in battery in the mp3-player.Built-in batteries are designed for a long time, but replacement as you know, in case of failure is not possible.

Playback Formats mp3-players

choosing mp3-player, pay attention to the supported playback formats.In addition to the basic format mp3 player, some models can play music in WMA and OGG.
music in WMA format has less twice the size of the same quality to mp3.But the wide distribution it has not received, as appeared later mp3.For those who want to accommodate their increasing number of music player, it is advisable to choose the mp3-player with support for WMA.But you need to be engaged in converting music from one format to another.
The same applies to the format OGG.The advantage of this format in the music recording capabilities in a higher quality, but natural and bigger.

screen mp3-player

Mp3-player screen should display all the necessary information in a convenient form need for the screen on mp3-player is indisputable.When you select the mp3-player, look not so much the size of the screen as the number of the displayed information.The display should show the data not only on battery power, but also information about the currently playing track, and in a convenient form.It is also desirable that the selected mp3-player displayed equalizer settings.For players with a hard drive often make a color screen where you can view photos and even video.Additional features

choosing mp3-player, pay attention to a number of additional features.For example the radio will be a welcome addition, for example, when music on your player tired.In addition, some players have the opportunity to record music directly from the radio.Voice recorder, usually on the mp3-player records in a not very good quality.Therefore, choose the mp3-player due to the presence or absence of the recorder should not be.Headphones standard does not give the music in the full capacity, so it is better to buy a more advanced earphones.Connecting flash mp3-player to PC via USB-port.Better to choose the mp3-player with USB 2.0 standard, because it works faster than USB 1.1.

most popular players of the company iRiver, they produce high-quality CD and flash mp3-player.Among the best known HDD mp3-player company Apple.Besides mp3-players can choose among such companies as Samsung, Panasonic, Nexx, Sanyo, which also produces audio equipment with good quality.
If you know what you want, you can make the right choices that will never disappoint!