How to choose a camera More modern cameras are manufactured with the ability to record in digital format.And choose among analog cameras does not make sense, especially given the prices that are now almost the same, digital video cameras are not much more expensive.

Recording format cameras

More and more cameras are recorded in digital format Camcorders can record in digital formats such as Digital 8, mini DV, micro MV, DVD, Mpeg 4. On cameras working in the first three formats, still applies taping, butdigital capacity.
Camcorder recording format Digital 8 is chosen by those who still have the recording in analog format Hi 8. These camcorders provide an opportunity not only to view the video in Hi 8, and digitized in Digital 8. Recording in Hi 8 format, soand Digital 8 goes to an 8-mm film, but only in the second case, and a digital stereo sound.Price camcorders, recorders, Digital 8, is quite low.But if you select the first video camera, and inexpensive, it is best to pay attention to the format of mini DV.
Camcorders with mini DV recording format is smaller in size and we
ight, as used smaller cassette (tape width 6,35mm) than for Digital 8. But it is a bit more quality digital video and stereo sound.These cameras and tape them produce many well-known manufacturers (Sony, JVC, Panasonic, Samsung), so the problems with supplies should not arise.
Micro MV format is superior to the previous quality because it uses video compression standard Mpeg 2. These cameras tape twice smaller than the mini DV or Digital 8. Therefore, the camcorder format Micro MV turned out quite compact.But when you choose a camera, try to keep it as user-friendly hand.Small size can deliver a lot of inconvenience in a large hand, the more that the buttons are too close to each other.
DVD-video cameras are recording directly to DVD-R / RW discs.The main advantage is that the recorded video can be viewed directly on the DVD-player easily rewound to the desired point.But the size of the DVD-video cameras are dictated by the size of the disk, so make it quite compact fails.
Among modern cameras can be selected is recorded in Mpeg 4. As the media used hard drive or flash-card.All records are overwritten without any problems from the camcorder to a computer for further editing or writing to disk.

optics (lens) camera

One of the main elements of each camera will always optics.In the production of camcorders firms can use either their own development or use of other optics manufacturers.For example, JVC camcorders is its own optics, and the company Sony has chosen for its cameras optics Carl Zeiss.Optics Leica Dicomar selected by Panasonic to be installed in your camcorder.

Video camera viewfinder

Viewfinder - monitoring the process of shooting a movie Monitoring the video, select a desired angle and different settings - for all of this using the viewfinder, optical or mirror.Less optical viewfinder is that you will see in it a picture that is different from being recorded - there is a slight shift in direction.For this reason, better to choose a camera with a mirror viewfinder.
Viewfinder can also be black and white or color.Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so before you choose you need to know these details.Black and white viewfinders preferable because they can be more accurately adjust the sharpness.The advantage of the same color viewfinder in a natural color reproduction, white balance settings (some models released from excessive light shading).
No modern camcorder is not complete without an LCD display, which is often very convenient to use as a viewfinder.Especially useful is the display when shooting from awkward positions, such as when recording video of the concert, holding the camera above your head.

Increase (optical, digital) camera

As for cameras and camcorders for shooting subjects at different distances.In such situations, a useful opportunity to zoom in / zoom objects.The increase is implemented using object features optics and electronics.Choosing camera
primarily pay attention to the optical zoom ratio (optical zoom).Zoom in / out takes place by moving the lens ratios can reach values ​​of 10 to 25. In most situations, the camera will be enough with 10 x optical zoom.The coefficients of 20 and above require a tripod, since such an increase will be noticeable shaking hands.Therefore, choose a camera with a large optical zoom inappropriate.In addition, you overpay for features that are not always able to take advantage.
Digital zoom is not so important when choosing a camcorder.Large values ​​of the digital zoom is used purely for marketing purposes.Firstly, when using digital zoom is a loss in quality, so it is desirable to disable the function.Secondly, again at high magnification will be very noticeable slightest fluctuations camcorder.So whether you choose a video camera with 200-fold or 500-fold digital zoom is not critical.

CCD (CCD) camera

Matrix resolution camera is measured in number of photosensitive elements Passing through the optics, the image falls on the light-sensitive elements (CCD), the output of which the picture is already converted into an electrical signal.
most common in camcorders are the diagonal of the matrix 1/4 "(6 mm) and 1/3" (8mm).Better to choose the camera with a CCD matrix more diagonal, because having a higher sensitivity allows you to shoot in low light conditions.Resolution
matrix measured in the number of photosensitive elements (pixels).To avoid grain is desirable to have the largest possible resolution, but must be a minimum of 500,000 pixels (0.5 megapixel).If you want to choose a camera with the ability to take pictures, it is worth paying attention to models with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels.
The camcorders also use the technology of three CCDs (3CCD), mainly in the professional machines, although there are models of "simpler", such as Panasonic NV_GS-300.With this technology comes the layout of the light passing the lens into red, blue and green components, each of which is processed by a separate matrix.This allows for better color, reduce color distortion.Camcorders with three matrices into force technology features a little larger and the price is much higher.Therefore, shooting home videos would be better to choose among models with a single matrix.

Image Stabilizer camera

choosing a camcorder, it is important to take into account such factors as the image stabilizer.It helps avoid fluctuations images while recording video (for example, shake hands).At the moment, what would you choose a video camera mounted on it is in any case a stabilizer.But!Professionals choose for themselves camcorder with optical stabilizer for the amateur shooting will be enough and electronic.
electronic stabilizer uses a part of the CCD, the data which are processed by the processor.This prevents vibrations in the frame image, but the quality is lost, because not all elements of work to create the image.
optical stabilizer works by an additional lens group.By means of special sensors transmit data to the processor camera about the direction, velocity and amplitude of oscillation.Processor based on those values ​​controls the lens-stabilization so that the image does not go beyond the CCD, ieIt remains stationary.In such a system increases energy consumption, but taking into account the resulting quality disadvantage becomes negligible.

sensitivity camera

If you shoot video in low light, it is best to choose a camera with high sensitivity.Unit sensitivity - suite.A good indicator of the camera is the ability to shoot at 0.1 lux of illumination of the object (this corresponds to a minimum illumination).The characteristics of this option is generally overestimated.It increases the sensitivity of the camera allows aspheric optics, it is better to choose among these models.
If you often shoot in low light, you can also select the camcorder lamp or a platform for its installation.

sound on your camcorder

Connection of an external microphone Modern camcorders let you record stereo and sound in Dolby Digital 5.1 format on the DVD-camcorders.Choosing a camcorder, you should pay attention to such details.Firstly, it is possible to connect a remote microphone, one or two.The second point is the recording on two channels, allowing you to make comments or to add background sound to an existing record.

batteries on the camera

From the parameters of the battery depends on the duration of your camcorder from selected camera battery parameters depend on the duration of operation on a single charge.At the time, of course, will affect the operating mode that uses a video camera, power consumption of its units.
Today, Li-Ion and Li-Pol batteries replaced Ni-Cd and NiMh batteries.Choose a battery for the camera is not necessary because the calculation are available to use only the specified type of battery.You can select only the battery capacity.Included with the camera can be a battery of small capacity, so once it is desirable to purchase a second battery, designed for longer battery life.Also note that while the standard battery, the manufacturer, in fact, will be less.This is because the parameter is specified for the most economical mode without using the zoom, LCD screen, view the recorded video.Connecting the camera

To communicate with other devices equipped with different connectors Camcorder to communicate with other devices equipped with different connectors camcorder.
S-Video connector for connecting to a TV and VCR.With it you can watch videos directly on your TV and VCR to rewrite.
Almost all cameras present IEEE 1394 (FireWire, I.Link or DV).Its main application - data transfer to a computer or other digital camera.If you select a video camera DV-not only yield, but also DV-input, it will be possible to use the camera as a video recorder, that is,view and record video from other devices.
USB port initially used only for the transmission of photos, but now with the faster USB 2.0 standard and can transfer video data.To
linear editing requires assembling connectors (for Sony - This connector LANC, at Panasonic - Control-M).With the help of these connectors can be synchronized with a video camera mounting decks and VCRs.
It is also desirable to have a connector for an external microphone and headphones.Choosing camera

better not at the maximum of functional equipment, and a set of necessary functions.It is possible that you do not need a 20-fold increase, or, for example, photography is not necessary, since planning and buying digital camera.Therefore, whether to pay more?Better to choose the difference in the amount of additional cameras and accessories.For example, you definitely need a bag to carry the camcorder itself, as well as an additional battery, tapes or discs, cables, and perhaps the charger.Save
within reasonable limits and make the right choice!

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