Choosing headphones Many of us are faced with the question of how to choose headphones.But for the final decision, and, most importantly, absolutely correct choice is desirable to have the relevant knowledge.To start a good idea to decide what you need earphones, and how much you are willing to spend.
Choosing cheap headphones, you have to be prepared for various unpleasant surprises such as background noise and annoying hiss hearing, and possibly even crash.In addition, it is likely that the wrong choice of headphones would rub his ears, or simply fall out of them.All of this can turn even the most listening to your favorite songs on this hard labor.

Choosing headphones: overhead or liners

Choosing headphones: overhead or liners should also think carefully about what you buy headphones.For the flash player or mobile phone, for example, it's silly to buy huge headphones, several times larger than the device itself.Therefore, for such purposes, the most fit in-ear headphones that are inserted in the ears.They are small, so they have no problem always carry wit
h them.And when listening to music, light weight headphone is not something that does not cause any discomfort, but sometimes just forget about them.But no in-ear headphones are not able to give the quality that provide overhead headphones.
Just in such cases, for example if you want to buy a headset with good sound for stereo, then the best option would be just such overhead headphones.A total of two types: closed and open.The first provides maximum durability and fit inside your ear, avoiding almost all outside sounds.This is important, especially if your music is more than a hobby.Since the closed headphones will be heard only issued headphones sounds, there is nothing to distract you from listening.The second (outdoor) different type of headphones that still passes a small amount of noise from outside.This makes it sound more realistic than in enclosed headphones.But at the same time, the sound coming from the headphones, can hinder or even irritatingly effect on others.

Connecting Headphones

Wireless headphones allow freedom of action, but sound quality in them below Headphones also vary on the basis of signal transmission - wired and wireless.On the plus headphones, in which the sound comes over the wire, we can deliver the highest quality sound to the downside - stiffness and the presence of the wire, which limits your movement of its territory long.Wireless headphones allow you to move freely and allow complete freedom of action.But at the same time, the sound quality is very different from the quality that give wired headphones, and for the worse.On top of this, the cost of wireless headphones are much higher than the cost of analogues, but with wires.Signal transmission to wireless headphones made by means of infrared or radio signal.What are their differences?Connecting headphones via an infrared signal provides better sound quality than aural.But at the same time, the headphones work at ranges of up to 8 meters from the transmitter.And, provided that the path between the headphones and the signal source are no barriers (ie sitting in the next room listening to music is still not released).Coverage radionaushnikov more (up to 100m), but the reception is not always clear, may be "holes".But if you do decide to buy just a wireless headset, you should pay attention to their nutrition - the battery should last for a long time to not have to charge every day.The most convenient are the headphones, which are charged directly to the transmitter.

Complete with universal adapter for headphones is 6.3 mm earphone jack with the connector, here the situation is simple.There are two basic types of connectors: 6.3 mm / 3.5 mm.Most headphones and devices work with a 3.5 mm jack.But first connector can not be avoided, so I recommend buying generic headphones that support two types of connectors.In these headphones in the configuration is to connect the adapter to the 6.3 mm connector.

convenience and comfort of headphones

Convenience is often the deciding factor when choosing headphones Probably, convenience is often the deciding factor when choosing headphones.Because the headphones that fall out of your ears - this is not the headphones.Therefore, when buying headphones in the store is their first try, check the tight, do not they fall, and is firmly hold on to the ears.
If you are hard to find headphones that would not rub your ears well and kept them, you should think about buying overhead headphones.If you like big overhead headphones, here too, there are some nuances.Firstly, it's weight, even if they are not in the hands seem so heavy, after several hours of listening to the headphones may be very weary your head.Secondly, this type of headphones often spoils the hair, so I recommend using the model with a ribbon bow, placed behind the neck.Separately isolated
popular today headphone with the original design, the shape of which allows them to hang by the neck, and the listener can not worry about the disheveled hair, putting the band on the back.
also want to say that the volume control or a decent length of wire can greatly facilitate your life.
These were the questions regarding ease of headphones.To get from the purchase of more and high-quality sound, you need to look closely at the characteristics of the headphones.

Frequency response

This first thing you should pay attention when choosing headphones, as their frequency depends directly on the quality of sound.
why should give priority to the headphones, the frequency characteristics of which are in the range 20-20000 Hz.This will allow you to enjoy this sound without cutting low or high frequencies.The characteristics of some headphones can meet the upper limit frequency of 20,000 Hz is much higher.But this should not involve you in any way, all sounds most frequencies are not audible to our ears.
Also pay attention to the diameter of the membrane.Here in-ear headphones are significantly inferior to those worn on the head.Since the first diameter of not more than 12 mm, it significantly degrades the sound quality.In the past, this diameter can reach 30-35 mm, which allows you to increase the bass and make the sound of a lot cleaner and more expressive.


this is an important characteristic when choosing headphones, because it depends on the volume.The most relevant for inserts, as, headphones worn on the head, provide the already good volume.
When purchasing headphones recommend buying the device with a sensitivity of at least 90-110 dB.This will provide good volume, even in a noisy street.Also worth noting is that when used with different instruments may have different headphones sound.For example, the headphones that played like a good idea on the player when connected to a stereo system, you may be disappointed.


good to know that this resistance and what it affects.The output impedance of the device must comply with resistance headphones.If on the contrary, they will play quieter its capabilities.Most devices are designed for 16 ohm, however, there are also 32 ohms, but this is rare.Headphones are high-end resistance of 200 ohms or higher.The higher the value, the quieter, but higher quality headphones will sound with equal sensitivity.Headphones with high impedance also consume more energy, so keep in mind - when used with a player you have enough power for less time.Also, do not use headphones with low impedance in a pair of powerful stereo - such «ears" just do not stand too strong signal.

When choosing headphones as when buying any other thing, do not try to save much.Remember a remarkable statement: "We are not rich enough to buy cheap things."Do not expect cheap headphones will serve you for a long time.And needless to say about the quality of sound in the headphones, bought for a penny.As for manufacturers, MirSovetov would like to recommend to choose headphones such famous firms as Technics, Panasonic or Philips (in terms of price and quality).If you are interested in high-end headphones, and you're willing to pay for uncompromising sound quality, you should choose among headphones Sennheiser, AKG and Sony.Popular models


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