Choosing a DVD-player, select DVD player your DVD-player (Digital Versatile Disc - Digital Versatile Disc) today does not cause much difficulty.Arriving at any hardware store, your choice will be offered a wide range of models that need to quickly sell the store, so you can buy a DVD-player, but whether he will respond to the tasks that you want to upload it to the fullest.That's the big question?Therefore
MirSovetov The article discusses the most important aspects of choosing the DVD-player.

What connectors are used to connect the DVD to TV

connectors are divided into two types: video and audio.Each species can transmit both digital and analog signal.Using digital inputs / outputs, you can get the maximum performance from the movies, as when transmitting analog signals there are restrictions on the transfer of video and digital signals, no such restriction.Therefore, using a digital interface, you can view a DVD on the maximum resolution of the TV screen.
first consider the issues related to the transfer of the video.This raises the question
- what TV you will use in conjunction with DVD-player?If you have an LCD TV or plasma TV, be sure to check that the TV and DVD-player had a connector HDMI - is a digital interface that can transmit digital and analog signals.If not, then at least make sure you have the interface DVI - is a digital interface that transmits only a digital signal.It is because of these two digital interfaces you can enjoy the highest quality of the movies on the DVD player.If you want to "pump" your TV to LCD, the recommendations from the MirSovetov previously set forth in the article "How to choose an LCD TV."
Types of connection interfaces DVD (left to right): HDMI, S-Video, composite, SCART
If you have a CRT TV, then connect it to a DVD player, you can, using a standard set of analog signals: S-Video, composite (Somposite, VHS), component (COMPONENT, VHS) and SCART.
MirSovetov Tip: to connect a CRT TV and DVD player The journal recommends the use of a component or S-Video interface.
feature of these interfaces is as follows.Using the interface component "tulip" signal is divided into three components color gradation for each color brightness - RGB red (R), green (G) and blue (B), ie it can be used to transmit high-definition signals (format 1080i).S-Video interface also uses the colors of the division gradations of brightness, as it has, four-connector.
dealt with the video, and now focus on the audio.For the perception of the audio signal, you can use the following methods.
Firstly, if you have a sound system, a part of a home theater, in which case you can get audio compliant with Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1.This means that 1 column is allocated to the center channel, and 2 speakers on the front channels (left and right) and surround channels (left and right) and 1 channel to the subwoofer.For the audio in this format, you will need to purchase AV-AV-receiver or amplifier.
Secondly, if you have a modern music center, you can take advantage of its acoustics.
And the last way to connect the DVD player to the TV - it is directly connect the output (output) audio channel to the DVD input (input) TV.In this case, the sound quality will be limited power of the TV speakers.Wiring diagram DVD to the TV as shown below.
Wiring to the TV DVD
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The greater the player plays the DVD formats, the better When choosing a DVD-player special note formats (video and audio) that he can play.There has one of the old truth - the more formats DVD plays, the better.Here are the formats DVD-player is required to maintain:
  1. reading DVD discs (their types and sizes can look in the article "How to choose the right PC") - actually this he meant.
  2. Reading ordinary CD-ROM drive .They can be recorded audio files in MP3 or CD-disks that are read on the music center - a format WAV or WMA.The format DivX encoded videos that are recorded as laser CD-ROM.
    Council.When choosing a DVD-player, make sure it supports DivX 6.0, other contemporary movies encoded in this format, you can not see.
  3. Reading pictures in format JPEG .As you have already guessed that with this standard, you can view images from a digital camera or photo recorded on CD- or DVD.
    MirSovetov Tip: for interfacing digital camera - DVD-player should have a USB connector.Also for this type of device can be used Bluetooth or infrared.It is desirable that DVD-player has a port card reader standard SD (Secure Digital), MMC (Multimedia Card), MS (Memory stick), SM (Smart Media), XD (Extreme Digital), CF (Compact Flash), MD(Micro Drive), MS pro (Memory stick pro) and Magicstor.It does not matter if these ports are not, because they may be at an LCD TV or plasma screen.
  4. Audio formats , which should recognize the DVD-player is DolbyDigital (DD 5.1) or DTS - with the help of these formats, you can create volume "surround sound."

Species DVD-players

Types of DVD-players (top-down): DVD-player, DVD-changer, DVD VHS, DVD-recorder, DVD-Receiver
  1. DVD-player (the player) - directly allows only watch movies or play music.
  2. DVD-changer - makes all the same as the DVD-player, but at the same time allows you to download several CDs into the changer and watch all the movies recorded on them, without leaving the couch.However, there are physical needs, such as a snack, in which you still have to get up from their homes.At this point, you can change and drive.
  3. DVD + VHS - is DVD-player and a VCR in one package .Convenient and practical.However, the age of videotapes gradually ends.The author's opinion - I have never had a VCR or video player, well do hiking at the premiere in the cinema or watching them on the computer, so I think that DVD + VHS - an unjustified waste of money.
  4. DVD-Recorder - allows a rewritable disc or running television programs through the use of its built-in hard disk configuration, that is, you have the opportunity to rewrite your favorite movies.The recording time is limited by the dimension of the hard disk (on average about 30 hours of video, 3,000 hours of music, photos, and 20000).Ask the manager of the consulting dimension of the hard disk.Also recording can be carried out on pigs, the type that is used to record was made on videotape.Disadvantage - the recording time on disc is limited, so long films you risk not burn completely.
    MirSovetov Tip: Hike family of 3 people in the movies will cost depending on the time and location of the session in the theater of 200 to 500 rubles.And if you take this movie at the video store (the price - about 25 rubles.), The purchase DVD-Video player will soon be economically feasible, and if it is still possible and overwrite ...
    Disadvantage: you can not watch the film premieres, the law is the law, usually at the box office moviesappear after their theatrical release.
  5. DVD-receiver - almost home theater speakers only without (includes built-in AV-receiver).The disadvantage of such a device - sound power is limited capacity built AV-receiver, that is, it can not be increased.

problems associated with the operation of DVD-player

The reason for not reading the CD / DVD drive may be in the fact that their surface is contaminated When using DVD-player may occur following trouble - it will stop reading CD- or DVD-drives.In this case, do not rush to flee for service MirSovetov, encourages you to do the following:
  1. reason for not reading the CD / DVD drive may be in the fact that their surface is contaminated, for example, from the contact of dirty fingers, etc.The journal recommends to see the surface of the CD / DVD «in the world" and see where there is a dirty place.Next move is known - take alcohol in one hand, and the other cotton and clean the surface of the CD / DVD drive.Do not forget to use alcohol diversion undiluted can lead to bad consequences that can affect both your mental and physical condition.If the surface of the disc, you will find a scratch, then this disc will soon need to be thrown out.Do not worry, MirSovetov may recommend, it is too late, go to the comrades who are well "friends" with computers and ask them to copy the damaged disc with the help of new programs such as CloneCD and CloneDVD.Do not forget to thank them for it.
  2. Advertisement DVD-player housing and clean the lens of their own - a small pebble-like glass shard correct form, which is usually located under the place where to insert the CD- or DVD-ROM, that is, first look where the disc is inserted, and then youcertainly you see this lens.IMPORTANT.Cleaning of the lens should be performed only with pure alcohol.For the most advanced - do not use vodka or perfume because they contain essential oils.
  3. If you are afraid to unleash the body - be sure to get a cleaning disk (the price of 100 rubles.).Everything is simple drip alcohol to disk and insert it into the DVD-Player.After a few seconds will be able to watch your favorite movies, but this may not always work.Therefore it is better to use the method specified in paragraph 2. Another problem , because of which will not be read by CD / DVD drives can be concluded that they are protected by area code
  4. other troubles because of which will not be read by CD / DVD drives can be concluded that they are protected by a regional code.The whole world is conditionally divided into 6 zones (Russia 5 zone) - is used for copyright protection and prevention to combat video piracy.To overcome this difficulty, you can, if you just buy a multizone DVD-player.He is able to read any discs from 6 regions.And if you do not want to spend money on the purchase of multi-zone player, the MirSovetov can you recommend to remove such protection on their own.Come to the Internet.Loading Yandex and in the search bar pischite "model DVD-player" and the phrase "how to remove a zone defense."After some time you can get the medicine, namely, a combination of buttons on the DVD-player that will help you do it.The only thing you lose with the - product warranty.If you go to the service center, which eliminates such a bad luck, you should know that they will do the same as described above.Do not be surprised if they do still ask you to pay them money.Also
    regional protection DVD-ROM drive, you may encounter another pitfall - circuit to prevent overwriting VCR (in analog form - Macrovision).The fight against this phenomenon, will be successful if we use it Cons - protected analog signal.Copy the movie with a digital DVI or HDMI interface to the computer, and then from the computer to the VCR.For a long time, but it works.

final recommendations

If your DVD-player look at his design, whether it will fit into your decor or the color will match the TV.
And most importantly before going into local hardware store, decide for yourself what functions should have a DVD-player.I'll help you a little:
  • what formats should play a DVD-player?
  • Whether recording movies and TV shows?
  • need the CD-changer?
  • what he is reading a memory card?
  • Do DVD-player karaoke function, need it or not - you decide?
successful acquisitions.