What is a portable DVD - Player, and how to choose?
the yard for a long time XXI century, and we are no longer surprised by the portability of new devices entering the market almost every day.The size and power consumption reduced to almost impossible indicators.Now, these devices act as fashion accessories and emphasize your image.
must be understood at once that the portable DVD-player several times more expensive than their stationary "brothers."If you are not afraid, and you want to become the owner of such exotic goods - this article will help you choose what you need.I'll tell you about the characteristics that need to pay attention to when choosing a particular model.


Portable dvd-player One of the main parameters of the portable DVD-player is the size and resolution of the LCD screen.
The larger screen, more comfortable watching videos, but it also leads to an increase in the size of the player, as well as to a decrease in the time of the device from the battery.7-8 inch screen is quite enough for watching m
ovies and photos, for those who are not enough, there are 9, 10 and 12 inch.
Picture quality depends on the resolution of the matrix, the bigger it is, the sharper the image on the screen.For example, for an 8-inch screen preferred resolution of 800 * 480, but there is also less, which obviously lead to a deterioration of the image.It is also important
setting of shades of gray, which will adjust the contrast of the image underneath you.The brightness of the display lets you use the device, even in sunlight.Although fully with this problem can not cope on this day none of portable DVD-player.
also important viewing angle both vertically and horizontally (for example, if you are watching a movie or a photo together).
Tip MirSovetov! Going to the store, grab a disc with the film of good quality, so you will be able to assess and compare the quality of the screens on your model whose parameters are not always in the price lists and catalogs.Evaluate how grainy screen, and visibility.


Most portable DVD-players have built-in speakers Most portable DVD-players have built-in speakers.They certainly will not be able to describe three-dimensional picture of the screen.
Tip MirSovetov!When buying important to assess not only the sound quality, but its maximum volume.On a portable player, even when the average level of the ambient noise (e.g., a train) is not enough volume.
For this reason, many people use headphones.Complete the headphones do not have good performance in sound quality, but for watching movies is more than enough.If you consider yourself a music fan, most likely, you will have to buy something more substantial.Good to know that some portable players have two headphone outputs - in some cases it might be useful.If
connect this player, such as a home acoustics, sound quality, of course, does not compare with the top stationary devices.Although the sound of almost all models are perfectly balanced in frequency bands at the edges are distorted.Fans of action movies and rock music can only hope for a lower quality bass.Only those portable DVD-players, which is more expensive, and feel confident as a music player.
not forget that the player can be connected not only to the home system, but also to the car sound system, if you have the appropriate radio inputs (or if there is FM-transmitter in the player, what we say below).Supported formats

Positive option portable dvd- player is a readable format - Mpeg4 / DIVX, becauseMovies in this format is very common The standard model of every modern DVD player supports formats such as: DVD / VCD / CD / CD-R / CD-RW / MP3 / JPEG (MP3 - music files; JPEG - popular image format);positive option is read format - Mpeg4 / DIVX, becauseMovies in this format is very common.
Tip MirSovetov! If so you will take the disc to check the operation of the player, you can arrange another small test.Almost all portable players work equally well with DVD-size, but when you view movies recorded in formats Mpeg4 / DIVX, can not work fast.This is inconvenient if you did not have time to watch the film until the end, or not enough battery power - will have next time to watch from the beginning.


All portable DVD-player designed for "mobile" and for stationary use, so the network completed (and sometimes car) adapter.If we talk about the time of the device on battery power, then there is divergence in the large model lines - the minimum time of the device about 3 hours, and the maximum can reach 15-18 hours, yes.It is of course a bit, but still help you while away your free time (for example in the way to work).

inputs / outputs

In modern technology uses many connectors.
In modern technology uses many connectors audio connector. most common at present - coaxial RCA (in the life of "tulip").If you want to connect the player to a TV, for the transmission of stereo you need two such connectors (they are designated L / R, usually red and white).To connect to the 5.1 acoustics you will need three RCA-connectors: one for the front speakers (FR / FL), the second for the rear (SR / SL) and one for the subwoofer and the center (CNT / SW).For digital audio transmission suitable coaxial compound (S / PDIF is usually orange, rarely black) and the compound optical cable (TosLink), they are used for the transmission of a digital stream DVD player multi-channel sound recorded in Dolby Digital or DTS (ie,. that you could connect the player to a home system, for example, to the receiver).
always present headphone mini-jack (3,5 mm), as already mentioned, some models may be two.
Video connectors. to connect portable DVD-player to the TV using composite RCA, they are equipped with all televisions (connector has a yellow marking).S-Video is suitable for transmitting a signal, divided by the brightness and color that can transmit higher quality video.
And, of course, as we all familiar USB allows you to connect a plurality of external devices, for example, USB-drive.A memory card slot gives you the ability to view the newly captured image.
Tip MirSovetov! If you buy a portable DVD-player for the car will be very useful, such as the optional FM-transmiter.This will allow you to connect the player to the car radio tuned to a certain frequency (connect wirelessly).


A feature of remote controls for all of these players are small in size and , as a consequence, all the buttons are small and they are very tight - get used to it is not easy Nearly all models allow us to do without remotes, becauseequipped with multifunction buttons and a joystick, they can be used to quickly access frequently used functions and go to the settings menu.Typically, somewhere in the road you will enjoy control keys located on the body.In such cases, the backlight is very useful control buttons that makes the management of comfort in any light.
If you use a portable DVD-player at home, connected to a TV, there is no remote control, you will be at least uncomfortable.A feature of remote controls for all of these players are small in size and, as a consequence, all the buttons are small and they are very tight - get used to them is not easy.


Each DVD- player has its own characteristic structural features.Very convenient is the ability not only to change the angle of the monitor , but also rotate it or move it to the body . every DVD-player has its own characteristic structural features.Very convenient is the ability not only to change the angle of the monitor, but also rotate it or move it to the body.
also have more custom designs, such as "slider" or generally formed in an integral body.
Housing material is not of great importance in the selection, especially dwell on it will not.We note only that the metal case looks stylish, but weighs a player anymore.In his hands is more comfortable rubberized case, well, plastic shell is light and fragile.


The standard equipment of almost all portable DVD-players include: network and car adapters, audio / video cable , headphones , battery, remote control and carrying case Standard features almost all portable DVD-players include: AC and car adapters, audio / video cable, headphones, battery, remote control and a carrying bag.In some cases, these kits come handy items like a bag for accessories and a bag for mounting on the headrest.There are also more unusual accessories, such as a game joystick and game discs.


Additional options include built-in FM / TV-tuner that allows you to watch TV programs and listen to radio anywhere.Another nice little thing that can please the gamers: some of the latest models of portable DVD-players are available with game joysticks and have built-in games that will not let you get bored on the road.

Prices and final selection

Choosing a portable dvd-player The price range for portable DVD-player is great enough, from 3.5-4 thousand. Rubles and up to 15 thousand.
you finally were able to make the right choice, you first need to decide howand where you intend to use it.This is necessary, because according to a more or less important will become these or other parameters.Obviously, the picture and sound quality is always the first places in the list of criteria.But with equal media qualities and the same price two different portable players, involuntarily pay attention to other options.
If you plan to take it with you on vacation, then there's battery life and compact size to be one of the first places in the selection.Surely, many will be interested in this case and the availability of slots for memory cards.
If you want to use it for watching videos in the car on the way to and from work, there has to be these criteria are not so important.More interesting for road use case looks like this option, as the FM-transmitter, which allows transmission of sound to car speakers via the radio on the radio.
So you finally able to make the right choice , you first need to decide how and where you are going to use it When using a portable music player, not only somewhere on the road or on vacation, but also as a stationary home will be a significant opportunity for sound output for 5.1 system (even if the system is not now, it is possible to purchase such is planned).Although those wanting a little bit, but still there is a certain group of people, which this functionality is very much interested.
As you can see quite a few features in the selection to the first moment a little bit confused, what is the model still is best for you.But with the advent of understanding of what you really want to get buying a portable DVD-players (at least for this you need to overshadow all equally important and necessary functions), the choice will be more obvious.
MirSovetov only recall once again that the products of the brand, proven positive feedback from its name already current users should certainly be considered in the first place, but not as the only option.
You always have a choice!