How to choose a bath, cast iron, acrylic, hot Bathroom - is not only the abode of purity, but also in some measure space our holiday.Few men left who can do without swimming in the bathroom.Is that as an alternative preferred the shower, but that's a separate issue.
Lifetime bath for at least fifteen years, so the question "What to choose?" Is important, the approach should be thorough.And you just can not decide what to choose a bathtub - cast iron, acrylic or save and buy steel.The question is not only in durability and hygiene and, in how comfortable will feel in the bath.
therefore be useful to know in advance about the major advantages and disadvantages of different possible types of baths.Otherwise, after purchase the bath, you can trap rather unpleasant surprises.

cast iron bath

Cast iron bathtub used more than a dozen years, cast iron bath and still in demand.And decides to choose cast iron bathtubs not because of what used to them.They have both drawbacks and advantages.The main fact speaking in favor of buying a cast iron baths - durability and strength
.But it is unlikely you will want to choose a cast iron bath if you live on the upper floors.Cast iron is quite heavy, and even despite the fact that modern technologies allow us to fine cast iron bathtubs, they weigh an average of about 120 kg.Considerable weight ensures the stability of the bath after a correct installation.In other words, cast iron tub will not move away from the wall, tile can stick close to her.
Lacquer iron baths features a large gloss over with acrylic, but it requires more careful care.Restoring the surface enamel can be problematic if you accidentally drop a heavy object into the bath.When it comes to the shop to select a cast-iron bath, be sure to pay attention to enamel - chips are not allowed in any case.Enamel should have a uniform color and without streaks.With proper care, without caustic detergents do not turn yellow enamel and will not be rough for many years.
Heat preservation is also important.Heat capacity is quite high - it is heated for a long time, but the water temperature and lasts a long time (cool down to room temperature is on average one and a half hours).The shape
choose cast-iron bath can only be rectangular.Iron - the material from which hard to do bath more sophisticated form.Ieif you want to choose a bathtub triangular or circular shape, then you have to search among the acrylic or steel.

acrylic bath

Acrylic bath can be given any shape Acrylic bath appeared recently, but have already earned more popular.Acrylic is essentially a plastic, for the production of Bath strengthen his (reinforced), otherwise it would have caved in under the water.From the quality of acrylic and the number of layers of reinforcement and depends on the quality of the bath and, of course, its price.
Many people prefer to choose among the baths is acrylic because of its low weight.This greatly facilitates the delivery and installation.In addition, acrylic bathtub can choose any form.But too excel is not worth, quality acryl hard to give a complex shape, therefore, the manifold winding lines in the bath cause for concern.It is enough to armrests and the rest too.The color scheme also varied, so you can easily choose acrylic bathtub desired color.The color of the acrylic attached still at the stage of production, so do not be afraid that the bath will lose its original appearance.
The advantage of acrylic baths and a large heat capacity, even in comparison with cast iron.The water in the bath cools to acrylic degrees for 30 minutes, the temperature drop of water on the cast iron tub in degrees occurs over 5-10 minutes.This is another fact in favor of acrylic, especially if you want to choose a bathtub, which can be long soak.
relative strength of acrylic baths must be said that the best ones are those that are at the heart of a metal mesh.But most acrylic baths still strengthened by several layers of fiberglass.In principle, both variants will last long enough.What bath choose will depend on your financial capabilities.
surface of acrylic baths are easily damaged, but also remove minor scratches pretty simple, sanded.The positive side of acrylic baths and is easy care and hygiene.The main thing is to choose bath neporoshkovye products that do not contain solvents.

steel bath

Steel bath needs heat insulation cheapest of all the baths - steel.Often, for this reason, preference is given to the steel bath.Although the steel bath have other advantages.
with a wall thickness of 3 mm steel baths weigh about 30 kg, which is much easier to iron.And at the same time with the variety forms they are stronger than acrylic baths.Lacquer looks at the baths of steel no less than cast iron.Sometimes they are difficult to distinguish.The main point that should be taken into account before choosing a steel bath - wall thickness.It is important that the wall does not bend under your weight, otherwise it will adversely affect enamel coating.
price of steel bath starts at $ 100, and it would seem to choose a bath is economically justified.But there are downsides, because of which is necessary to refuse this choice.In the first place - High heat of steel (water cools down very quickly).A jingle with which water is taken into the bath - believe me, the impression is not pleasant.So if you still decide to choose among the steel bath, it is desirable that it contains rubber pads to absorb the noise.

Dimensions baths baths Dimensions When you have decided on the material, the question immediately arises, "What size to choose a bathtub?".The standard size for a bath are: length - 150, 170 and 180 cm, width - 70, 80 and 85 cm, height - 65 cm.
First, the choice of sizes Bath restricted area of ​​your bathroom.After all, except for baths should be fit and a washing machine, and left space for passage.Secondly, you must select tub of this size that you were in it comfortably.At the same external dimensions baths have different volumes.Therefore it is better to choose a bath in which you would be able to take the position recline.And while on the extended feet to avoid irritating the body and the temperature difference above the water knees.From the width is better to choose a bath in which at your physique to the sides will remain at 5 cm from each side.Normal bath depth of 50-60 cm. It is worth choosing a bath depth of this for two reasons.That's enough to being in the position of the body reclining, his head was above water, and out of the bath in the cellar.On
internal volume of the bath influences the inclination angle of the walls, the presence of armrests, various rounding and recesses.If you choose a bathtub with too much volume, then you will need more time to set and release of water.In general, before you choose bath must evaluate your actual physical size.

Hot Tub Whirlpool Whirlpool - is aimed a jet of water mixed with air.The system is based on a system consisting of a pump, compressor, nozzles, injectors (6 or more) and a control panel.Whirlpool baths in most acrylic.Choose cast iron bath is hardly possible in us, and they are expensive.Select
hot tub must be given pump power.In the bath volume of 250 liters required pump power of 1 kW.If you want to choose bath with extra jets for back massage, it is desirable to pump was more power.Or was it better to choose a bathtub with a separate pump dorsal injectors.This embodiment not only share the load, but allows include dorsal jets as needed.
compressor is installed for a mixture of water jets coming from nozzles with air.In some models of whirlpool baths available on the remote setting the ratio of air and water in the stream.
Number of nozzles also important when choosing a spa.In the chosen bath should be carried out basic massage areas of the body: legs, waist, trunk.Additional nozzle to back (up to 60 pieces) is uniformly distribute among themselves the effort.Iebetter to choose a bath with 12-30 sprayers.
control panel can be either pneumatic or electronic.Using the remote controls the intensity of the whirlpool.And if you choose a bathtub with electronic remote control, you will get the possibility of additional settings massage.For example, alternating work nozzles with varying intensity.
Just do not forget that hydro is not recommended for children and people with heart disease.

This information allows you to choose a suitable bath.No Sales did not advise the bath is better than you are.After all, only you know what position will feel most comfortable with.We must choose not only durable bath, but one that will for you to truly place of rest.