Another salad that will long be remembered by your guests with its style.We hope not only that.This pleasant fresh snack salad will please its light taste.And imagine what a delight cause this cute "turtle" at children's parties.
Salad Turtle
Recipe from MirSovetov with step by step photos.


I love this salad also for the fact that he is preparing 10 minutes.Although it consumed approximately the same amount of time, which says clearly in favor of the "turtle".
Perfect for bachelorette party because it does not harm the ladies taliyam, provided the use of low-fat mayonnaise.And children, in addition to a nice kind of goodies like salad ingredients.
cite calorie products used for 100 g of product: a low-calorie mayonnaise - 235 kcal;onions - 30 kcal;Dutch Cheese - 357 calories;apple - 44 calories;chicken egg - 60 calories (quail - 35 kcal);walnut - 425 kcal;chicken breast - 86 kcal.Total 1 237 kcal.In order to keep the waist and please the soul at the same time, we buy low-fat cheese, quail eggs and nuts
do not abuse.And the taste will remain soft and easy.
Ingredients for salad Turtle
So advance buy sweet and sour apple, bunch of fresh greens, 100 g of cheese, mayonnaise (mayonnaise, olive oil or fat-free), leg quarter or dietary chicken breasts, 4 eggs, red or white onion, a handful of walnuts.
advance boil eggs and chicken.Preparation of salad


Well now beginning to spread on a platter with thin round layers.
1 layer. Grated protein.Rub it on a medium grater.Top also put grated apple.Lubricates mayonnaise.
1 layer: grated protein
2 layer. Next comes a layer of cooked chicken, cut into cubes.Again mayonnaise.
For variety MirSovetov advises every time you try to replace the salads to smoked chicken boiled or fried in spices (curry, for example).The taste becomes more interesting.
2 layer: a layer of cooked chicken, cut into cubes
3 layer. Three cheese, and after yolk on a medium grater.A little grated cheese, leave for decoration, because it will make the head bug.
Layer 3: three cheese and egg yolk and then on medium grater
4 layer. now turn to bow.If you have a red Crimean or other sweet onion, simply cut it into cubes.If we are talking about the usual white onion, then cut it into cubes, pour over boiling water, then sprinkle with vinegar.The most important thing - to relieve the bow of the bitter taste.Oh, and a layer of onions generously flavored mayonnaise and flatten it carefully.
4 layer: grated onion
Layer onions generously flavored mayonnaise and flatten it carefully
That's turn came to decorate our salad.Head "Turtles", as mentioned earlier, form of grated cheese.Paws - from solid walnut kernels.
Head " Turtles " , as mentioned earlier , form of grated cheese.Paws - from solid walnut kernels .
Sprinkle chopped walnuts - is a shell of our tortoise.Eyes also make of nuts.Everything - the salad is ready!Insist that it does not need.There you can immediately.Although, if he could stand a couple of hours in the refrigerator - it will only taste better.
Salad Turtle ready
Enjoy your meal!