We have already talked about many professions.Today we talk about the intricacies of the promoter.It's hard to call it a profession, it is, rather, about the break-in.This article will tell MirSovetov that need to know the boys and girls who want to earn promoters where to look for a job, how to behave during the interview, as well as some of the intricacies of this kind of income.

Who is the promoter

remember you're not seen young people in the metro, handing out leaflets, or girls in a supermarket, politely inviting tasting sausage or cheese.Yes, these were the promoters - specially selected people who are promoting a product or service directly to the places of its realization.
As is the case with merchandisers, promoters are working on clearly defined scheme, and there are "at the right time in the right place."Typically, shares are held on weekends or weeknights.Place selected crowded, where, according to the customer's shares as high as the opportunity to meet the target consumer.But now is not
about that.

Where to look for a job?

I personally know of three ways to find work.The first way - the easiest - is to view online ads and periodic press.Very often, coordinators shares and advertising agencies themselves placed ads on the set.Especially if a large-scale event is planned.Browse and announcements about your school - it is likely to find a job this way.
second way, in my opinion, the easiest - to apply to the advertising agency.Find phone numbers of agencies may also be the Internet.And then everything is simple - to ring up the agency and ask if they need promoters.The probability that a set of open, very large, because in this area the constant staff turnover.
And the third way.Just go to the promoters, which are easily found in supermarkets - is a very friendly people, and they will not give up.Ask them for phone and phoned a supervisor with him.You can also interview the friends, friends and acquaintances - maybe they are already working in this field and prompt you coordinate agencies.

How to be interviewed, and a casting interview

expect each applicant.It was during the interview the employer or representative of an advertising agency to decide if you qualify to advertise products or not.Therefore, you need to prepare for the interview carefully.
Usually the customer wishes to see in the ranks of the promoters of its products young people aged from 18 to 25 years.This framework is not stringent and the ability to apply for such a burnishing have many.But, most of all, the promoters are working students.They are quite happy and free schedule, and temporary work.
If you are over 16 years old, you have a passport, you can safely attempt to get the promoter.
One of the main requirements - a neat appearance.Modest classic manicure, natural makeup, well-groomed skin, lack of stubble (for guys), clean clothes (classic style) - it's a must!Most importantly your weapon at the interview - your tongue and your smile.Make sure that it was competent (without words-parasites like "uh" or "pancake"), a pleasant voice, and constantly smiling.
Remember that you come in for an interview is not a modeling agency, where only appreciate beauty.Here it is important pleasant, with its appearance.
way, for individual shares may be made and other requirements for the candidates.For example, you will be required ability to roller skate, or will select only high-macho guys (advertising shampoo).
But this happens very rarely, and you will always be warned before the interview.High chance of successfully pass an interview, of course, have to communicate, not aggressive, punctual, responsible people.
You may be asked to fill out a short application form and the passport data, so bring your passport.

features everyday promoter

After the interview, you are likely to be invited to the training.Depending on the scale of the action, training can last from 2 hours to 3-5 days.During this time you will talk in detail about the production, which will advertise on the ground and the nuances of the action.Ideally, after this training, you will be able to distinguish the target buyer interested in his product, talk about products, answer questions the interlocutor, to present promotional materials.It is the requirements for an average participant of the event.Typically, a promoter
no no written agreements and contracts are not concluded (except for large-scale and long-term action).Therefore, specify the time of payment at once.And try not to deal with agencies that have a bad reputation.
So you have been trained and at the hour of X must enter the "workplace".Be prepared for the fact that spend 3-6 hours on their feet (if allowed, just wear comfortable shoes).Breaks in the "smoke" is usually not welcome snack is usually not possible.You will have to constantly monitor the supervisor or coordinator, so the mood has to be 100% return.Otherwise, you may be fined for passive behavior.
What actions best suit you?I sincerely sympathize with people who were forced to stand for 3 hours in the metro in frost and hand out leaflets.And the worst thing - work at least a day in the 10-pound suit hotdog ...
easiest to work on advertising of juices, mineral water, hygiene products and baby products.Readers MirSovetov advise to avoid advertising of alcoholic beverages (no idea how to contingent have to communicate).As well as promotions of various dumplings, ice cream, sausages (the change in the number of refrigerated remembered for a long time!).
Earn promoters differently.Beginners per hour receive from 3 to 5 dollars, experienced - from $ 10.If you are involved in a prolonged action, there is a chance a week to earn a couple of hundred dollars.Again, the prices depend on the generosity of the agency and the customer.Change usually lasts from 3 to 6 hours.Here multiply and think whether you need this amount of cash.
Career growth promoters is one - to get into a solid agency to become a coordinator or manager.Lucky units.But in terms of self-development time spent on the battlefield, will not pass in vain.You will learn how to competently communicate with people, to understand them, imperceptibly influence decisions.Yes, and to earn spending money.
So, good luck to you!