furnished apartment is the most powerful part of the interior.And, perhaps, the most expensive.It is not so easy to change, as the curtains or bored out of fashion lighting.Fans are not lazy to change from time to time to arrange "great migration of peoples" and drag from one corner to the other bookcases and cupboards in the room, hoping to give the novelty and originality.But as you know, on the relocation of sum is not very much and changing.What to do if the soul asks for something fresh and original, and in the nearest future spending on new furniture is not available?And let's try to repaint the old!
Just do not be skeptical smiling and waving his hand in disbelief.When I came to this idea, it had neither the skills nor the expertise in this matter.But the motto of my life, "Do not be that hard!" Has helped me this time.So revising a huge number of sites, mass rereading all of literature, and bringing to a semiconscious state sellers with questions, I got down to business, being savvy and out.A
nd everything turned out.And now I want to share my experience with the readers MirSovetov and is confident that it will help those who believe: "The eyes are afraid - the hands are doing."

surface preparation

old closet for long been asking the trash.Interior design broken out, the surface is scratched - and without tears will not look.From the sad death of her only saved impressive weight.Drag the yard to afford such severity did not want anyone.So that in case of failure, I do not threaten me criticism home."It will not work - will be an occasion to throw!" - I said, and started to work.
about what I want to see the "new" furniture I imagined about.It had to be something in between "chairs from the palace" and the Art Nouveau style in one.Therefore, it was decided to paint the cabinet in two colors - ivory and turquoise - and add a little color faded gold trim.But this was still far ...
Before painting the surface of the furniture should be prepared
So the first thing we need to do - to prepare the surface for painting furniture.For this experiment, the object chosen for the best possible dismantled: remove the door handle, roll out, if possible, a basic design, boxes, etc.The fraction, the better.
All further work, I was on the balcony.
After dismantling of the tools needed little:
  • two kinds of emery cloth (coarse and thinner);
  • wide flat brush-fleyts;
  • couple of rags.
Tools for preparation for painting furniture
Our goal - to remove all obstacles that will prevent the new paint gently lie on the surface of furniture.So, we need to remove the thin layer of lacquer, oil, wax, in short, everything that prevents access to the timber.Take a rough sandpaper and wide sweeping movements pass on all sides every detail along the fibers.But please, without fanaticism, and it is possible to manage a thin veneer wipe thoroughly.And then you have to patch holes - putty and nurse the wounds inflicted, but it is not so interesting.
Once the surface is treated coarse sandpaper, carefully sweep off her broad brush.Why not cloth?Explain.We duster fastest zabem back of the dust, and that we do not need.Now
fine sandpaper bring to condition hard to reach places where a large grain sandpaper took out bad.Then again, all carefully fanned brush.
Once the surface prepared, do janitorial, where they worked.We proceed to the color, but because it is very important that no speck of dust-speck of dust does not sit on our freshly painted surface.Now take a damp cloth wrung out thoroughly and will achieve almost surgical cleanliness of our items.Then protrёm everything dry.
Now you can take a break for 10-15 minutes and drink tea.

Choosing paint Choosing a kind of paint, I prefer acrylic.Its advantages in my eyes before the other were the following: it is odorless, when diluted with water slush, it is easy to operate, mixing color, and most importantly - it can be washed, if necessary!I foresee a question from readers MirSovetov: what to paint furniture paint is easily washed off?I answer.The beauty of water-based paints that until it is dry, remains in our hands the possibility to alter an unsuccessful operation.By the way, this property is great bailed me later, when I was engaged in repainting the cabinet (but more on that next time).So, are the water-soluble dyes is that the greater the evaporated water, the stronger becomes the paint.Although acrylic paint dries fairly quickly, the first time with painted surfaces have to be delicately.But before we begin to experiment with paint, it is necessary to put the soil, of course, also acrylic.

brush or roller?

I tried both, and came to the conclusion that my tool - the brush.I feel it is better, accurate work and the result is pleasant to me more than when using a roller.While admitting that it is a very personal question.But in any scenario and rollers and brushes should be used for acrylic paint.In the shop where I bought them, and it was written on the labels.Here I want to focus on price.Do not buy, please cheap goods.Brushes should be high quality.Then, they will not have to climb the pile, and the paint will lie smoothly and nicely.I used the brushes of different widths for different sites.Sometimes, in difficult places convenient to pick the one that narrower.
course, the brush will need to constantly look.It is not so difficult.Put beside her jar with water and shutting down even for a short period, be sure to place the brush in water.Do not be lazy to wash them.Paints, thank you so much not save, but do not restore the ruined hand.All of these rules apply to the rollers.Do not let them dry out, not only, but dry.Otherwise you'll have to throw away.


We have already agreed that we primer as paint, acrylic.No tricks in her hand there, but to be completely relaxed, we read in the bank all the necessary information.We need two parameters - the area of ​​the substrate, and drying time.Primer, paint brush, even lovers, it is quite possible to apply with a roller.Apply a thin layer on the surface of all, note the time and with a sense of accomplishment go to the kitchen for dinner.

Painting furniture - select the appropriate tone

From the very beginning I decided monochrome furniture - it's boring.Therefore, I chose two colors.One, ivory, found in the market.But with the second did not develop.I imagine it is well represented, and therefore decided to paint itself are mixed.For this took ordinary white acrylic paint and a few shades of green tones in small packages.Mix paint, achieving the planned - fun.There is already a favorite shade will look according to your own taste.What I'm here I can advise readers MirSovetov.Make several small containers mixtures differing in intensity of tone.Then on any wooden surface make unnecessary strokes and let them dry.You get an idea, how can look more or less saturated color and make the final choice.

painting in two colors

Here we come to the most important stage - the color.Paints, brushes of different widths, a couple of rolls of adhesive tape (wider and narrower) and dust-free (!) The room - that's all we need right now.The first step is quite simple.We paint all the details of our furniture is one of the two colors, prepared by us, which is lighter.
draw the attention of readers MirSovetov that paint in any case should not be dried up and thickened.If this happens, it must be diluted with a little water and stir thoroughly stick.You can chat with the bank.If you want to paint a tree structure, and guessed the furniture looked as if it was brought from somewhere in Provence, where she stood in a house near the sea, it can be limited to one layer of paint, maybe even a little diluted.If your plans to give it a "factory" look, it is likely that details will have to paint a couple of times.Here, as they say, a matter of taste.What is important is to be patient and not to proceed to the application of 2-3 layers of paint to dry completely the previous one.What paint should fall in the same direction, I will not say - it's obvious.
After basic color suffered and parts dried up, proceed to the preparation of surfaces for painting a second color.Remember, we have taken a couple of rolls of sticky paper tape?Now it's their turn.Work is now before us - scrupulous and very responsible.We have to be very precise and accurate pasted along the contour plots, which we will cover the second color.This is to ensure that we when applying dark colors do not accidentally hooked surface, which should remain light.Carefully pasted?Pritёrli paper better?So you can paint.
How to paint the furniture with their hands

Do I need a nail?

I know that I want to see results quickly, and assemble furniture, but do not rush to give our items to dry properly.Matt acrylic paint, we suffered a foam sponge.Wear thin rubber gloves and pour part of the nail from the jar into a small container.Now safely poppy sponge in paint, gently squeeze and confident movements walk on all surfaces.Not bad conduct this procedure a couple of times.Naturally, after drying each new layer.

Finish gold paint

Well, all the details are painted, prolakirovany and dry.Now you can tie, all that was unscrewed and screwed everything that was unscrewed.You like?It is?But something is missing?That's right - the final touch!Spectacular views give our furniture is very thin strip of gold.We purposely left it at the very end, and will be applied after the finish.The fact that gold paint is very moody and behaves unpredictably - can go bad leak, and if it accidentally catch a blank area, and then try to delete, just give messy blur.Varnish, which we covered our furniture, save us from all these misunderstandings.
to work with gold paint, take a thin brush from the set of the drawing.If you have a steady hand and a good eye, you can not take any precautions.If you are not quite sure of himself, you can vykleit again with adhesive tape necessary parts.You're a little bit.Golden wooden handles our pedestals and paste it to their original location.
How to paint the furniture with their hands
Now you can call the family, relatives, friends and neighbors - and let admire poahayut looking at the beauty that came out of your hands.... And you can carefully look around and choose another object worthy to be the next candidate for a new life.I it will be a wardrobe.And we have not just repainted and is converted using decoupage.So before the meeting, amateurs tinkering with his own hands!