In continuation of the story about the holiday in North Goa reveal everything that was able to learn first hand about life here, good 5 months quietly stay in India for this disposal.But first things first ...
Upon arrival in Goa for me with the kid first priority was to find suitable housing, or at least overnight for the first time.


Our first house on the recommendation of a taxi driver was the clean room in a small hotel, no frills, but with everything you need (kitchen, hot water shower, bed and a closet to hide dangerous for the curious kid stuff).I want to warn all readers MirSovetov that because of their naive simplicity Indians quite sincerely believe that fresh tourist sin is not "breed for money."We were no exception, and paid for the night in this room $ 20, which, as it turned out, was exactly two times higher than its real value.But the bargain after the road, even with a toddler does not have the strength and desire.
Typical home Goan Indian
typical Goan Indian housing.Link to decorating with all means
available to them genetically laid.
The first day we just came to himself, sweating from the unaccustomed heat.The next day was dedicated to finding a suitable and affordable housing for the long term.


Taking a stroller with a little boy, I went to investigate.She asked everyone he met about the houses and handed over the evening has already found a great option.
Lovely house with a flat roof
Lovely house with a flat roof, which we are also involved (dried clothes, playing with the baby in the heat under a bamboo canopy).Inside is nothing special: communicating living room, two small bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom.In general, we have changed in five months a few houses, but mostly they are of the same type.Housing evaluated according to the criteria of the kind of "windows / availability of European-quality repair."We rented for $ 300 a month the whole house.At the same time to walk to the sea three minutes.
Dad with his son carried out in the house online
In the photo came a week after our dad with his son carried out in the house online.
In the morning we moved with the help of the new owners, they became our guides in the new life.Laundry and cleaning for mere pennies (about 1 $ - wash 1.5-2 kg of laundry and $ 2 - cleaning of all dwellings) took over one of the local women.
bedroom for synuli we equipped makeshift crib made of bamboo.
Bedroom for synuli we equipped makeshift crib made of bamboo

food and clothing products from the first time we brought the son of the hosts on the list, and then I myself acquired scooter (good pass them on every corner), and drove them to the market.Value is a pleasure $ 2 per day, provided the lease for a long term - from one month or more;But if a couple of days, and even in high season Christmas, prices tripled.By the way, learn how to ride a moped, if mastered the bike - no problem.I have not even no carrier vehicles.
As for food, the prices are a pleasant surprise.Pineapples are the most expensive - about $ 1 apiece!In general, for the products by an average spend no more than $ 5 a day, and that if the parade is three times that happened very rarely.The climate did not allow hunger to develop into full force even after bathing.There would rarely and little.
Fruit market
way, any self-respecting Indian do not lift a finger to two to four hours of the day.Siesta.On the market at that time did not buy.
Another neighbor took the child to keep an eye on during my absence.It cost me the first $ 1 an hour, and then did a half dollar.Reasonable question - I was not afraid to leave the baby with a strange woman?Have readers MirSovetov take my word, but thence women understand a lot about children's and women's responsibilities in general is much more than many qualified teachers and psychologists.A more harmonious relationship to the children (their own, someone else - anyone) I ever after never met, and respect for the guest, and the white man is not allowed to move away from our babysitter instructions on a step.
The neighbor girl
As mentioned above, the clothes we are not taken, so we had to urgently acquire a wardrobe.Fortunately, Goa is not a problem.
In Goa, the clothes are not a problem
Shopping in these little shops - a real sport!Depending on the mood of the buyer and seller prices vary significantly.But if you know that the real price of colored cotton pants, skirts and blouses standard sewing rarely more than $ 5, the activity becomes a fascinating walk, after which you will bring home a few bales.
Although my son well do without clothes, and generally behaved quite ascetic and unpretentious way of life.
My son well do without clothes , and generally behaved quite ascetic and unpretentious way of life


Goa - India is not quite in the orthodox sense.Vegetarianism was not distributed in connection with the planting of the Portuguese occupation and its practices.However, the sacred animals in Goa enjoy all the privileges.They are free to walk along the beach, and if they work, the uniform is not shameful.
sacred animals in Goa enjoy all the privileges.
... And if they work, the uniform is not shameful
But elephants situation is not so straightforward.Despite the stereotype, live elephant in India is difficult to meet.They are free to live only in the wild jungles and national parks.In Goa, the general on the entire state does not reach more than a dozen, and they - tamed for hard work or pleasure travelers.
But the monkeys - feel quite at ease.Two or three years ago, the locals suffered from attacks of these shameless creatures.They allowed themselves to all sorts of liberties, stole food, clothing, tripled pogroms.Now they are somehow still taken in hand, but you can encounter them everywhere, and at the same time deprived of sunglasses ...
But the monkeys - feel quite at ease


Goa - staff pretty sparse on the classical Indian exotica.From tourist attractions can be mentioned about the waterfall on the south.
From tourist attractions can be mentioned about the waterfall at the south
In the state here and there you can see more or less well-preserved buildings the Portuguese colony.
In the state here and there you can see more or less well-preserved buildings the Portuguese colonies
It's not the old fort, which in addition to its direct purpose, and even had time to visit the club, remained inside the bars and not militant elements of the interior.
Still, for the religious, historical and cultural monuments MirSovetov advised to go to other parts of India.Karnataka, for example, is known for the amazing beauty of the temple complex of Hampi.
The temple complex of Hampi
bundle Caste in India is still prevalent.And every person clearly knows his place in this world.There is a cast like the garden - it is someone like a hermit.He has no home, he can not run.It feeds on the fact that other people will be served.Serve Garden all to whom he turns.
This cast as the garden - it is someone like a hermit
general outlook of the Indians is so different from the usual, the European, which at first was embarrassed by their ingenuous straightforwardness.And the seemingly lazy leisurely life really is generational beaten track, every movement perfected to the last detail and this creates the appearance of lightness.Although Indian
life even in such a spoiled tourist destinations like Goa, full of difficulties.We have to earn their daily food in the truest sense of the word.The villagers still live a subsistence economy, keep chickens, pigs, goats, cows.Fish and climb a 50-foot palm trees for coconuts.Manually extract clay rocks, which are machined from blocks to build houses.Rice is grown and cultivated countless agricultural crops.During the winter a relatively cool and dry while you need to get a lot of that in the rainy season had food and protection from rain and raging winds.In summer, the weather is so severe that from the cool stone house simply does not get out - all covered with water, and the wind rips bad attach to the roof structures.So it is a mistake to think, seeing a peasant cool off in the street, if he is not life, but a fairy tale.This tale gets him a high price, he just looks at life much more optimistic and humble than the majority of our "fellow."

Epilogue Shortly after everything life, I quite frankly do not understand people who spend the winter in the city, where the environment is comparable only with places man-made disasters.Yes, even with the kids!We bathed three times a day in the clear waters of the Indian Ocean, when fresh fruits and vegetables, dressed only for aesthetic reasons, and enjoyed the unusual nature of this sunny paradise place.
The kid on the sand
Boat on the shore
At sunset
I lived in Goa 5 months and during that time have never doubted the correctness of his decision.My child and I were completely healthy, cheerful and full of energy.
Walking on the beach
Here it is happiness!
After the first batch of photos and phone records, we were pulled away from Moscow.And all were amazed our courage, and at the same time surprising sociability son, my change in appearance and mood, and indeed this wonderful fact of our biography!