MirSovetov talk about the disease, which, unfortunately, physicians and scientists are paying enough attention.And we will focus on the state of the body, characterized by low blood pressure (BP).Note that the population hypotension occurs much more often than hypertension.But not all are documented cases, as most patients suffering from this illness, do not go to a doctor, not considering themselves ill.
can not be so careless of their health, as under reduced pressure disrupted timely delivery of oxygen and nutrients to vital organs and tissues - brain, heart, of course.The constant presence on the "starvation diet" is fraught with serious complications.And because not all are sensitive to the state of hypotensive, they are often considered a pretender and malingerers, constantly complaining of a headache, throbbing temples, rocking from side to side and mowing down.Only when a person suddenly collapses, realizing that it is not laziness and caprices case.So is there any ways to combat hypotension
, to return a person to be happy and lead a full life without a lot of trouble?
Let's talk about all under the order.

General information about the disease

Hypotension - a stable state of weakness (asthenia), caused by low blood pressure.Usually, the illness is related to the loss of elasticity of the walls of blood vessels and a violation of their tone.In a healthy human blood vessels react instantly to decrease or increase the volume of circulating blood.And here there is a delay of hypotensive reactions, causing tissue and organs are starving, do not get the right amount of oxygen and fueling substances.Sometimes the disease is called hypotension, and before that as the doctors diagnose the patient wrote a term vascular dystonia (abbreviated - VSD) on hypotonic type.According to statistics from this serious ailment suffers more than half of the female population and about a quarter - of the male.In recent years, these numbers are increasing.During clinical examination it was revealed low blood pressure in 18% of boys and girls.

Types hypotension

The treatment of hypotension Doctors classify hypotension acute and chronic.
acute stage may occur when a strong hemorrhage, acute disease of the lungs, heart attack, stroke, traumatic shock and severe manifestations of allergic reactions.In such critical conditions require immediate action, and sometimes surgery.
Chronic hypotension (prolonged state of persistent low blood pressure) on the basis of (a method of) the acquisition is divided into primary and secondary.
Primary (idiopathic) - special self-flowing, often a form of neurosis associated with vasomotor centers in the brain.There she was in the emotional stress, high mental stress, stress.
Secondary (symptomatic) hypotension - a drop in pressure, which manifests itself as a consequence of other disorders of the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and endocrine systems.It occurs in alcoholism, severe intoxication, anemia, use of certain medications, giving a side effect.
Species physiological hypotension:
  1. Individual - version of the rules associated with heredity and constitutional built man, feels good, even at low rates tonometer.With age, these people pressure often returns to normal.
  2. Hypotension fitness - this form is typical for athletes because of the long and intensive physical exercise, it is like a protective response of the body to prevent overloading.
  3. Adaptive - there have caught up in the highlands, the tropics or subtropics.
Species pathological (primary) hypotension:
  1. orthostatic hypotension (otherwise known as orthostatic collapse) - a sharp drop in blood pressure when you change the position of the body, such as a fast rising in a vertical position.Man loses consciousness, collapses due to poor vascular tone or lack of blood flow to the brain.
  2. Neurocirculatory - a violation of the regulation of vascular tone (persistent or temporary and reversible).

Causes disease

  1. trauma and neuroses.
  2. Depression and depressed.
  3. Chronic lack of sleep and constant fatigue.
  4. starvation, lack of vitamin E, ascorbic acid and pantothenic acid.
  5. innate predisposition.
  6. sharp change in weather or climate, humidity, electromagnetic fields.
  7. secondary form occurs when the flow of other diseases, such as anemia, cirrhosis, hepatitis, stomach ulcers, traumatic brain injury, arrhythmias, myocarditis and heart failure, tuberculosis, neoplastic processes, cervical osteochondrosis ...

symptoms and signs of disease

The treatment of hypotensionThe fact that the body's blood pressure decreased, blood pressure cuff, and the unit will prompt the external manifestations of the disease.These are the tonometer readings are for hypotension: below 110/60 (if under 25) and 110/65 (over the age of 30 years).
If we consider the symptoms individually, they may seem not quite so important and weighty.But when all leans in one fell swoop, it seems torture.
try to describe hypotensive.They are characterized by emaciation, pallor, fatigue, lethargy, apathy.Since permanent brain lacks oxygen, it is not rarely seen staggering from side to side, nausea, dizziness, and even fainting.For several days headaches occur or manifest themselves periodically.Pain may occur in the morning or after mental and physical work after excessive consumption of food during a party or a hearty meal after a long walk.If the pressure jumps, then felt throbbing in the temples, crown and nape.If obstructed the outflow of blood from the cranial cavity, it becomes a different type of pain - severity of head and if the pressure on the inside of the skull.If a man woke up this morning with this pain, then it subsides after walking, because venous tone comes back to normal, and blood flow is stabilized.
gipotonik are hot-tempered, irritable, emotional.They do not like to stand in line and ride on public transport.Their mood is often dependent on the weather and time of year.Happy gipotonikam often sleepy, and closer to the night falling asleep difficult, sensitive sleep.To recuperate night's sleep should last 8-11 hours, but the ordinary people rather 6-8 hours.Upon awakening, suffering hypotension do not feel the freshness and vigor, they "swing" and come into a working rhythm for about two hours.In the afternoon, as I said, they want to lie down, and only in the evening there is a peak of activity and the desire to do something.If you watch the hypotensive, we can see that they are often yawn, but not even the fact that not enough sleep - they do not have enough air, the brain does not get the right amount of oxygen blood flow.For this reason, in a state of rest may ache joints or muscles.This ache goes away after active movements.
gipotonik distinguishes meteozavisimost and sensitivity to changes in atmospheric pressure.Yes, and if it enters the different climate adaptation is difficult.And yet these patients do not tolerate closeness can not stand long, for example, at a stop, they want to sit down.Sometimes the patient's symptoms of neurosis are added - palpitations, causeless anxiety and fear for themselves and loved ones.
As a rule, health worsens in the spring or summer, after suffering a cold or other infectious diseases.
signs of hypotension:
  • periodic blackouts or flashing "flies";
  • increased sensitivity to heat, cold and stuffiness;
  • frequent sweating palms and feet;
  • sometimes the body temperature drops to 36 ° C;
  • susceptibility to motion sickness;
  • occurrence of discomfort and pain in the heart, increased heart rate during exercise;
  • fatigue, daytime sleepiness and decreased performance in the office and productivity, for example, at the factory or dacha;
  • distraction, inattention, memory loss;
  • increased sensitivity to loud noises, speech in a raised voice and a bright light;
  • disruptions in the menstrual cycle in women;
  • potency problems in men.

Possible complications of hypotension

  1. With age, or due to incorrect medication the patient may have high blood pressure, and it takes much more complicated and difficult to treat.
  2. Danger carries hypotension during pregnancy as the fetus lacks oxygen and nutrition, its growth, the formation and development can be slowed down.
  3. With strong pressure drop there is a risk of cardiogenic shock and fainting.In such cases, prompt medical assistance.
sometimes suffer disease do not even feel the variations in well-being, but, sometimes, they are very negative impact on the health and lifestyle.Despite the fact that according to research, gipotoniki live 10 years longer, and there are a number of complications.Therefore, the deterioration should definitely consult a doctor-specialist - psychotherapist, neurologist, cardiologist.The doctor will determine the kind of disease through the study, called cardiointervalography be able to identify autonomic disorders, their nature and severity.Currently few pharmacological treatments.

treatment of hypotension drugs and folk remedies

  1. More often such patients the doctor prescribes general stimulants, caffeine, sodium benzoate.
    The treatment of hypotension
    Caffeine-sodium benzoate
  2. In more severe cases, when the pressure is very low, some doctors use in their practice for the administration to a patient orally or in a vein drug gutron (midodrine) that can constrict blood vessels and raise blood pressure.
  3. When complaints of headache can take complex preparations that have caffeine in their composition, for example askofen-P-P Citramon, Kofitsil Plus, Pentalgin ICN.

    The treatment of hypotension
    The treatment of hypotension
    The treatment of hypotension
    Kofitsil Plus
    The treatment of hypotension
    Pentalgin ICN
    With a very strong pain doctor will prescribe Vazobralcontaining caffeine and ergot extract, in the form of droplets.
  4. Plant biostimulants that increase vascular tone and blood pressure.For example, pharmaceutical extract or tincture - Siberian Ginseng, Schisandra chinensis, Rhaponticum carthamoides, Manchurian Aralia, devil's, Rhodiola rosea, ginseng drug Pantocrine.These medications are taken in a dosage of 20 to 30 drops 2-3 times a day 30 minutes before meal rates of 2 to 4 weeks.Last carry the drug within 15 hours to avoid having insomnia, excitement, and a burst of energy in the evening.Have these plants and contraindications.For example, they can trigger the growth of tumors, so they must appoint a physician.
    The treatment of hypotension
    Rhodiola extract liquid
  5. very beneficial effects on the body gipotonik royal jelly bees.This product can be purchased from beekeepers alone or added to the natural honey.Tasty and useful enough to use honey in the morning on an empty stomach for 1 or 2 teaspoons, slowly dissolving in the mouth.
    The treatment of hypotension
    Honey with royal jelly
    more royal jelly in the dried form is in the pharmacy preparation Apilak.These pills have to dissolve in the mouth 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes before eating.Tablets, honey or royal jelly to keep itself necessarily on the shelf in the refrigerator door.
    The treatment of hypotension
  6. more useful to patients hypotension in the morning to eat three teaspoons (without top) of pollen for 20 minutes before breakfast.
  7. gipotonik prone to depression, so doctors sometimes prescribed antidepressants.There are well-known plant, which is a natural antidepressant - St. John's wort.I recommend readers MirSovetov use it as a tincture or tinctures.
  8. If the doctor determines that hypotension is secondary, all treatment will be directed at the underlying disease that is the cause of decompression.

Hardware treatments

Aeroionotherapy - it is inhalation of air enriched with ozone beforehand.
Darsonvalization scalp of the head, neck and skin segments, which houses the heart.This medical procedure, which is performed by a high-frequency pulse currents.
Galvanic collar.It is kind of physiotherapy method Shcherbaka using special electrodes.

few tips gipotonikam

  1. Try to find the cause of the psycho-emotional hypotension, here will be useful to read books on the subject and the help of an experienced therapist.If possible, try not to worry about nothing, do not take everything that happens to heart, avoid stress and conflict situations, because they can cause a pressure drop.
  2. Remember that gipotonik body requires at least 8-10 hours of good sleep.
  3. Upon awakening can not jump out of bed abruptly, it can cause orthostatic collapse with fainting.First is useful to a few simple exercises for arms and legs, then gently sit down, then had to hang up.Sit for a while and tune in a positive way, and only then get up.
  4. A useful exercise is called diaphragmatic breathing.In light exercises for the legs can include such exercises as the "bicycle", "scissors", lifting the legs up and lowering them back.All these movements are done lying on your back.For hands you can "boksirovanie" shaking, lifting and lowering, these exercises also made in the supine position.
  5. During a long day eat properly - little and often.Useful for you foods rich in vitamins and trace elements - eggs, milk, cheese, herbs, vegetables, fruits, seafood.Be sure to use in cooking spices, good for the vascular tone, such as red pepper, turmeric, curry.
  6. Some prefer coffee for breakfast.It is possible, but in moderation.
    The treatment of hypotension
    Indian coffee
    But I would still recommend a cup of freshly brewed aromatic tea and chocolate bitter, with a high content of cocoa beans;sandwich with cheese, it has a useful calcium, fat and salt, the desired hypotensive to raise the pressure.Once the cheese has substances that improve mood.Patients are advised to salty foods - fish, pickles, nuts, as they contribute to increased pressure in the blood vessels.
  7. If you love grapefruit, plum, or use for the treatment of other diseases celandine, viburnum, calendula, yarrow, then certainly in this period monitor your blood pressure, as all of the above can lower it.
  8. combat manifestations of the disease will help aromatherapy, verbena oil or sage improve emotional state will raise the pressure.You can light aroma lamp or lubricate the whiskey and the wrist with one of the oils.
    The treatment of hypotension
    essential oil of verbena
  9. relax and improve the metabolic processes in the tissues to help massage, including a point.Good results are given acupuncture, magnetic therapy, and other methods of Seed Therapy Su Jok.
  10. Coaching vessels preferably by pouring cold water or a contrast shower.
  11. Keep active and vigorous lifestyle, alternating stress and rest.Practise walking, jogging, swimming and cycling feasible other sports.Run or walk in the park or better forest.Beautiful nature, the smell of pine needles, flowers, rustling leaves, birds singing - all this calms and distracts from the chaos, worries, problems.
  12. Monitor your blood pressure and observed by a doctor.
  13. If you dearly health, you have to give up bad habits because cigarettes and alcohol worsen the condition of vessels.