love for the sport, sun, sea air, walk barefoot on the beach sand sometimes leads to fungal infections.The illness insidious, difficult and long treated.When it comes defeated skin or nail fungus contagious.In the initial stage is easier to cope with fungi.But people often overlook this point.And the disease is spreading more and more.Drugs that affect the parasitic forms of fungi, is produced quite a lot.Today MirSovetov acquaint readers with the means that is often advertised on TV.Its name - Lamisil.

How does the drug?

Releases Lamisil known company "Novartis" of Switzerland.The active ingredient of this drug is terbinafine.Include drugs to a large group of antifungal agents.When using Lamisil is suppressed formation of the precursor of vitamin D, called ergosterol.It is very necessary to fungal structures for the normal development and functioning.The second area in which the effects of the drug Lamisil - this oppression squalene epoxidase activity - specific enzyme, which is located on the ce

ll membrane of the fungus.Because of this gradually accumulates in the cells of fungal squalene, which leads to their death.

When the expected effect?

hearing infomercial promises, people suffering from athlete's foot, believes he has a couple of times anoint the sick place cream and the fungus retreat.Unfortunately, this will not happen.The desired effect of fungicides develops gradually.The drug is slowly poisoning the infectious fungi.For a while, the fungal cells can still exist on the reserves of vitamin D, which were in their "bins."Toxic effect of the drug on the fungi can not occur instantly.The improvement you will notice the skin only a few days use Lamisil.The final result of the therapeutic effect can be expected only after long weeks of using Lamisil, everything depends on what area marked defeat for a long time whether the disease has developed, carefully whether the patient fulfills all the recommendations and rules of hygiene.Not understanding the mechanism of action of the drug, many patients hope for a magical healing come to the pharmacy or to the doctor and disappointed reported that the drug ineffective.So if you decide to get rid of the annoying fungus, stocks are not just a few packages of the drug, but also patience, diligence.The journal again recalls that treatment with this drug will be long.And some patients, anointing a week (or two) patients areas drop out of treatment when they notice improvement.When fungal infections can not do that!Even if the visible signs of the disease in the skin anymore, and course of treatment has not yet reached the final stage of his, we must continue to lubricate (or receiving pills inside), following precisely all the recommendations of the doctor.Otherwise those fungi, which you do not see may gain strength to recover and continue their "black" thing.This process is called a relapse.If you quit early treatment, the fungus will again actively breeding.Some justify the early termination then local procedures that they did not want to poison your body with chemicals.These arguments are wrong, the drug acts locally, ie topically, if anything, and gets into the bloodstream, the pharmacologists say only 5% of the total amount of active ingredient that is absolutely safe for the human body.If the drug is administered in tablet form by mouth, it is specifically sent into the stratum corneum of the skin, nail plate and hair follicles accumulates there to provide fungicidal action, that is to destroy pathological fungi.


Lamisil exerts its activity against dermatophytes, Trichophyton, athlete, microsporia, candida and other parasitic skin and nail fungus.The range of activities is quite wide:

  • mycosis feet, hands;
  • jock itch;
  • fungal infections of the skin smooth and hairy body parts;
  • microsporia (ringworm);
  • onychomycosis (so-called dermatophytes nail lesions);
  • multicolored shingles;
  • constant itching and flaking of the skin stop, caused by different fungi;
  • horny, cracks, diaper rash;
  • settlement on the skin yeast-like fungi.

How to use the drug?

First of all, I would say that in the pharmacy you can see Lamisil in several dosage forms:

  1. tablets that are used inside, each containing the active substance terbinafine 250 mg.Used in more severe and advanced cases.
  2. 1% cream for 30 and 15 grams in tubes, which has more and soothing dry skin.
  3. Dermgel, packed to 15 grams recommended when itchy athlete's foot, accompanied by weeping.This tool quickly and easily absorbed, relieves unbearable itching, skin dries and heals.Spray
  4. 30 and 15 ml.Do not leave any stains on clothes, in addition to the therapeutic effect, refreshing and dries, can be applied to the feet, body, scalp during its defeat fungi.It is more convenient to use if many foci of infection, they are spread throughout the body.The man who will make processing spray, is definitely not infected by fungi, because direct contact with the skin area should not happen.
  5. film-forming solution (Uno), effective in the treatment of the feet.

Lamisil Dosage Forms for outdoor use have to be applied on the cleaned and pre obsushennye areas of the skin.In addition to the focus, you need to handle and adjacent areas of the skin.If diaper rash is permissible to rub the drug or to put on top of gauze.The procedure to carry enough once or twice per day.But the duration of the course depends on the extent of damage and other factors determined by the attending physician.

Lamisil tablets are usually prescribed by a dermatologist for one day.For the treatment of spent brake on average 14 days.If the focus of fungal infection in the hairy area of ​​skin, the treatment should be about a month.But at the destruction of nail fungus takes some patients two others - three months.This is because the fungus manages to easily penetrate into different layers of the nail plate, but lamizilom difficult to get right into all layers of the plate, because it metabolic processes take place very slowly, and therefore need to wait until the nail otrastёt.The longest is a process of treatment of nails on the feet.

In the case of multi-colored lichen pills are not used.


Basically drugs are well tolerated.Very rarely have undesirable effects.These are the effects that sometimes appear in patients taking Lamisil tablets:

  • satiety, diarrhea, loss of appetite;
  • allergic skin rashes;
  • muscle pain;
  • dizziness;
  • angioedema, anaphylactic shock;
  • changes in blood parameters.

Caution should be observed for patients who have liver disease, kidney or tumor.Studies in pregnant women and children is very small, so the pregnant women rarely prescribe the drug.A breastfeeding in the treatment pills should be discarded.

Few clinical trials have been conducted in children such dosage forms as solution, cream, spray.Therefore, children under 12 years are rarely appointed.

about all side effects have to tell your doctor who will correct the dose or cancel the drug altogether if the patient him manifest hypersensitivity.

preparation is applied to the skin carefully, so it does not hit in the eye, otherwise there will be irritation of mucous membranes.

Lamisil is available in convenient dosage forms, with the course of treatment has shown good results.But before using it all means read the instructions to follow the recommendations outlined in it.And yet MirSovetov recalls that treatment should be conducted under the supervision of an experienced doctor to monitor the dynamics and control the duration of the course of therapy.And do not forget about the disinfection and hygiene.