Quite often, after the repair and replacement of plumbing in the bathroom there is a question how to close a pipe?This issue is quite serious, because of how cleverly disguised to be a pipe, will depend on the extent to which harmoniously will be perceived by the interior bathroom.There are several ways to pipe-laying, and on what it is you choose will depend on what a way to use when masking.Let's look at how best to address this issue.

main methods of installation of pipes in the bathroom

Depending on the method of laying pipes, isolated indoor and outdoor installation types.As a rule, an indoor version used when laying communication pipes in modern buildings: they can "walling" or in the wall or in the floor screed.If the same method is used outdoors, all pipes will be from the outside.This makes the interior less attractive, so overwhelming majority of those who make repairs, prefer to hide the pipe.

There are several versions of "masking" of the pipeline.Depending on the design features of th

e bathroom, everyone can choose for themselves the most appropriate option.Let's see what experts suggest to address this issue.

most common ways of disguising pipes

Today there are many ways to close the pipe in the bathroom.Each of them in his own good.Depending on your financial situation, but also on how big your bathroom, among the options available, you can choose the most suitable.Among the most popular methods are the following options:

Ā«MaskingĀ» plasterboard.

This option is the most common.Of this material produced light construction, whereby the tube and close.Because drywall is very easy to cut, you can give it any shape.By virtue of the fact that the mounting of the material does not need any special equipment, the necessary steps can be performed independently.You will need only to purchase brackets and hangers.If masking is required to be provided door, through which you can monitor the current state of the communication pipe.After completing installation work, construction can paste tiles (it can be done using a special glue).

The main advantages of plasterboard used in the bathrooms are:

  1. antifungal and waterproof coating;
  2. moisture;
  3. cheap (relative to other materials).

Therefore, it is safe to say that even with a small budget, using this material can be very effectively and beautifully disguise pipes in the bathroom.

horizontal mode.

order to disguise the horizontal pipe, you can use plywood boards or chipboard.If desired, and possible, later, it can be replaced by a more robust construction, but for the first time and a suitable option.Of boards can be made in the construction of the letter "P" - may subsequently be used as a low shelves, oblong shape.

Close the tube and this way you can with your hands.This requires a good seal with nails two suitable-sized boards placed between the side wall and the tube, after which long screws to fasten another sidewall.To be able to monitor the condition of the pipes and resolving any problems, and take readings from meters, experts recommend to do one of the panels, which is freely accessible, removable or glass.In addition, this solution will give you access to the valves for hot and cold water, which are placed, as a rule, horizontal water pipes.

The advantages of this version of "masking" include:

  • low cost of consumables;
  • ease of installation;
  • functionality of the design;
  • aesthetics.

vertical way.

Since the vertical pipes in most cases be placed in a corner, they can hide quite simple: to solve the problem of "masking" the pipe in the bathroom, you can use the built-in cabinet.Particularly well suited in this embodiment, if the pipe is in the recess.For the construction of the cabinet, you will need only a draw from bars and rails frame and then, hang it on the front panel door.If space allows, in a closet, you can make a few shelves, which are ideal for the storage of detergents and cleaning products, tools and other small items.Material for this locker everyone can choose at their discretion, but is most often used pine.Decorate the appearance of the resulting structure can be arbitrarily, as long as it is not too design stood out from the general style of bathroom design and attracts attention to itself.

There is another version of "masking" of the vertical pipe.It is commonly used in cases where the old pipe in a bathroom and it is going to a large amount of condensate, which in turn leads to increased levels of humidity and money for its substitution capital no.In this case, only one solution: to buy insulating "pasta" - special polypropylene stockings, which put on the pipe.They can be used to isolate the pipe, and thus, eliminate the possibility of condensation forming.Before you use the "pasta", the pipe must be prepared.To do this, turn off the water and allow the pipes to dry, then remove lime deposits and corrosion manifestations, then you can start sanding and painting.When all of the above is done, you can use the "pasta": for this they cut to length, put on the pipe and fastened by means of adhesive tape c.When using this method, you need to consider some nuances, for example, of:

  1. because the pipe from the hot water expands, it is not worth buying "macaroni", as they say, back to back;
  2. for greater efficiency, the seam should be to seal not only along, but on the cross junctions;
  3. to protect the wood from excessive moisture, it is recommended to cover the paint locker.

internal partitions.

If the pipes in your bathroom a lot, then the best way to disguise their will - to make one continuous wall, or as it is called, false wall.With this method, you can hide all the communication pipe immediately, but it should be noted that in this case the bathroom area to decline somewhat.

When masking water pipes must be remembered that to the gates and counters, which are located on the pipes, the pipes themselves and in the event of a malfunction you must have access.That is why this method assumes that the screws are almost open, they can be only lightly decorated with a special plastic bracket for bathrooms.

Masking "on coupler."

This method is only suitable for new buildings, when you can be sure of the correct implementation of the installation and in decent quality pipes.If the pipes go through the wall, they are "walled up" under the tie and you can forget about the repair for many years.However, in this case, again, we must remember that to taps and valves have to be freely available.To this end, the wall tie in place do hatch and its door is lined with the same material as that of the walls (for example, if the wall tiles, the door is finished with the same material, will appear most harmonious).However, sometimes the reverse and go door hatch isolated, decorate differently, making out of it, so a kind of decoration.It is also possible to place the access door to hang a locker where you can store a variety of amenities.

If the pipes are under the floor screed, for their camouflage can make the podium in the bathroom.With small size of the room it will look like is not very big step in the room roomier, decorating options more help from the designer, you can make the podium in the form of the original elevation.


This is another modern way to disguise pipes.Today it is often used by designers in the interior in the bathroom.Since the installation of roller shutters requires certain skills and knowledge that professionals have to deal with this.They install in your bathroom blinds that did not take place and at the same time effectively hide all the communication pipe.At your option is a choice with which to drive the device: mechanically or manually.Because of their mobility, you will always have access to the pipes.

Thus, we examined the main ways in which you can hide communication in your bathroom.After reading them, you will be able to evaluate their own situation and choose the option that fits optimally.