Today, women do all vozmozhnoe to prolong lactation.But, unfortunately, very often the young mother is not possible to feed the baby - there are reasons for this are many.In this case, experts recommend to feed your expressed milk crumb.

If you decide to decant

woman who is breastfeeding, at least once in all that time to express.This procedure is completely painless, but it can both increase lactation and reduce it.Express milk in two ways - by hand and a breast pump.The first time this procedure may seem for someone tedious, but for someone just unreal.Here there is every reason to consult with a specialist on breast-feeding or midwife to help good "develop" breast.You can also use a breast pump, all the more so that today there is a huge choice from cheap to very expensive hand-held electric with a variety of features and attachments.

How to express milk

If you choose to express milk by hand, learn how to do it right.Place a container beneath the nipple, which you will collect the milk.C

hest girth hands on both sides.Thumbs put on top, and index - under the breast to the areola was just in the center.Connect the index finger and thumb of the right and left hand, gently moving them in the direction of the breast nipple.

With all the breast pump is a little different.Cheap manual models like the "pear" with a special compartment, which is going to milk.More expensive models are easy to use and have special receptacles for storing milk.

What store expressed breast milk?

Today, breast milk storage using specially designed for this purpose containers - containers.They are made from various materials - which may be glass, steel or plastic.Before you purchase a particular container, you must decide what it will be necessary - for temporary storage of baby food or frozen.For the last procedure are special bags or disposable cones, which need to be further to protect not only the leak, but also from infection.

Among the solid container is very popular glass containers, because it provides excellent protection for milk, but at the same time and consumes less.By the way, do not pour the milk up to the top - remember that the liquid under the influence of cold expands.

As for caps - that are ideal solid.However, they should not be too tight to tighten until the milk will not freeze completely.

Preparing containers for milk

containers should be boiled, just like all the breast pump parts.Of course, it can be sterilized in a different way, but it is boiling today is a reliable method that has been tested by many generations of mothers.

All of the breast pump that touch the skin and should be thoroughly cleaned - first wash in hot soapy water, then rinse thoroughly.

duration of storage of breast milk depends precisely on the purity and sterility of the container, so this must be treated very carefully.

how to store breast milk

If you can not buy special containers for storing breast milk, you should stock up on jars and bottles that have screw cap.You can also use plastic cups that can be tightly closed and the most common bags made of polyethylene, which are specially designed for storage of liquid.Carefully check the dishes to freeze the presence in it of bisphenol-A.

Choose a container so that it is possible to write was the date when milk was decanted and frozen.Remember that breast milk is frozen once.You can not add fresh milk thawed and then frozen again.

to store MirSovetov Use clean bottles that before they decant milk must be sterilized.

How much can you store expressed breast milk?

Breast milk can be stored even at room temperature, however, no more than six hours.By the way, experts say that the expressed milk to the rule applies "six", according to which:

  1. Six hours of expressed breast milk can be stored without special temperature reduction.Six days
  2. expressed breast milk can be stored in the refrigerator.
  3. six months expressed breast milk can be stored in the freezer.

Although there are those who argue that in the refrigerator breast milk can be stored no more than three days, and without him 4-8 hours, depending on the ambient temperature.

How should I store expressed milk

Breast milk can be frozen and stored in a freezer.If the camera is normal, it is best not to risk it and keep it here in two weeks.But if there is available a specially equipped freezer, where you can set the temperature, all can be simplified - extending the shelf life of milk.Thus, at a temperature of minus 18 degrees with milk containers can be stored for 3-4 months.If you set the temperature of minus 20 degrees, the milk can be stored for six months to one year.If you do not know how much the minimum number of degrees of "issues" your refrigerator, remember, the ideal temperature for the storage of milk that, when ice turns to stone, not a cocktail.

milk is not stored in the refrigerator door - Place the containers away, preferably in the back part of it.

Defrosting milk

Defrost milk, which has been in the freezer, preferably in the refrigerator - after 'permutations' milk should be used as soon as possible - no later than 24 hours.In no case do not re-freeze the milk, so it is best to store small portions.

To defrost You can also substitute a container of milk under warm water.Remember that defrosted milk is necessary to feed a child for 30 minutes.


milk Frozen milk has a little color as fresh - it does not mean that it can not give the baby or it is lost.Milk, which is exposed to freezing, can have a bluish or yellowish tint.It may also share on one of the layers or plies (e.g., cream) is to stand out.This does not affect the quality of the product and its nutritional value.When

not be frozen breast milk?

Generally expressing and storing breast milk - a necessary action, but not a prerequisite.This must be done if the mother needed to leave for a few days or come to work and can not feed your baby during the day.Continuous pumping causes the lactation that "burn" and milk simply disappears.

In no case can not freeze the milk in the following cases:

  1. Mom is sick.
  2. Mom takes any drugs.
  3. mother drink alcohol.
  4. mother smokes.
  5. Mom damaged breast, because of what got the blood into the milk.