I think you have already seen the article "Non-verbal means of communication, Part 1", which have been described in detail two sets of gestures: expressive expressive and tactile.Maybe you remember a number of situations in which these manifestations noticed gestures or certain provisions of the bodies of other people.Now you can easily explain what a particular gesture.I think the range of your vague guesses has now turned into a coherent chain of logically interrelated facts.
In this article to expand the understanding of the world of non-verbal communication MirSovetov will sign two more groups: look visually pin and spatial movement.

look visually pin

Non-verbal means of communication Eye contact is undeniably an important process of communication.As you know, the person receives it through the eyes of about 80% of all impressions of the senses.With eyes can convey a variety of expressions, thanks to them we are able to carry out the management of the course of conversation, to provide feedback to human behavior.Sight helps the exch
ange of remarks, as most statements without eyes would be meaningless.
Remember how badly the interlocutors on the Internet require a variety of emoticons, which are the replacement of the means of non-verbal communication as an exchange of views, the facial expressions.After not seeing each other, it is much harder to convey the feelings experienced.Developers instant messaging programs, improving their program characteristics, try to include and expand the function expression eyes, facial expressions, and various common hand gestures.And, as practice shows, the demand for such programs like ICQ, is very large.People are hungry for full communion and on the web.And the appearance of video calling feature in cell phones and installation of video equipment on a computer, allows you to chat online, watching each other, just a response to the need for live communication at the remote distance.Also look
involved in the expression of intimacy, candor.With it, you can set the degree of proximity to humans.
Communicating view usually carries information retrieval, such as listening looking at the speaker, and if he paused, silently forward to continuing without interrupting eye contact;gives a signal of a free communication channel, for example, the speaker is familiar eyes said that the conversation was over;It helps to establish and maintain social relationships, when we look for a person's gaze to join the conversation.
In psychology, there are several types of views, each of which carries very important information about the human mind:
Social attitudes in situations characterized by easy communication with friends and acquaintances
  1. Business view - when we look at the forehead and the eyes of the interlocutor.Often we conduct ourselves so when meeting with strangers, managers and supervisors.
  2. social views - when we direct our eyes to the human face in the area of ​​the mouth, nose and eyes.It is typical in situations of easy communication with friends and acquaintances.
  3. intimate look - passes through the line of the eyes of the interlocutor and down to the level below the chin, neck to other parts of the body.Maybe dilated pupils, as a foretaste of pleasure.
MirSovetov The first article mentioned the fact that men more difficult to deceive their wives, girlfriends, because women can more quickly to expose the lie, reading eyes.How did they succeed?First of all, the eye characteristic changes due to the reduction of the eye muscles.If you try to cheat a person is difficult to sustain a closer look, it blinks and looks away to the side.These symptoms may be present, and the sadness, shame, disgust.If you suffer from eye shed tears, but they appear in laughter and joy.
In any case, to interpret nonverbal gestures take into account the environmental situation, the context of the circumstances.One thing is certain for sure one can say the expansion or contraction of the pupils, which occurs in response to stimulation, committed involuntarily, without consciousness, in the autonomic nervous system is involved.If the directions look more like something you can manage, then change for us not subject pupils.When we talk about a person, "his expressive eyes," "evil look at it", "it is my evil eye", we mean just that the information obtained through non-verbal communication in monitoring the human pupils.In children, abandoned by their parents, look dry, aloof, filled with pain of loneliness, which gives them the adult expression.On the contrary, loved and treated kindly kids completely different look at the world.
An intimate look Longitude glance may indicate the level of interest.A closer, inseparably tell you about the intention to find out you have some information, or to make you obey.Do couples this view serves as a signal to start an active courtship.If the gaze directed to a sleeping man, subconsciously he may experience anxiety, even wake up.It is interesting that in the animal world's gaze is a signal to the impending attack, so there is nothing surprising when, feeling like a signal from the unfamiliar person, you are experiencing anxiety and a desire to escape.Peripheral (side) vision, we are able to see objects and environment around them, to analyze the degree of danger.
have serial killers and maniacs opinion varies widely from looking ordinary person.All prior to a given point of time behavior of the person, the situation, he decides and methods used by troubleshoot problems - everything affects the expression in his eyes.Tired mother after a sleepless night with a baby, a pensioner living on crumbs, the student does not get a scholarship, which counted - all unique expressions of eyes.If, for example, you are in a relationship with these people, you're sure to understand the reason for this view.

spatial movement

According to the location of two people at the table, you can judge the nature of their communication A particular distance in contacts between individuals is determined by the social position of communicating, their national characteristics, age, gender, and the nature of the relationship partners.And it is also one of their forms of nonverbal communication that is useful to know.By the way, the knowledge of the spatial orientation according to the specific situation, are widely used by psychologists, sociologists, political scientists.

According to the location of two people at the table can judge the nature of their interaction.
  1. position angular location - the most favorable for the student to communicate with the teacher, the head with subordinates, as both have enough space for the exchange of views, gesturing.The angle of the table serves as a soothing barrier that protects against unexpected attacks.Their eyes are not crossed and when affected by difficult moments of discussion, you can always direct the eyes to an immovable object and focus on formulating a response.
  2. Konkuriruyusche-defensive position - used in critical discussions, debates, discussions.The two sides are sitting opposite each other, which enables a good survey of facial expressions, gestures committed that every moment may vary depending on the severity of the issues.The barrier in the form of a table between them a chance to relative safety in case peaceful discussion suddenly go into a phase of waving hands and a desire to grab the opponent by the shirt.In this case, the position opposite to each other does not help to miss the nonverbal cues interlocutor and time to respond.
  3. independent position - said the reluctance to communicate.The two sides are sitting in different corners of the table, which has a negative effect on the process of communication.If you try to change the situation, take a closer look, the other person can defiantly stand up and leave the room.This is the negative form of communication at the table and the form of nonverbal communication in general.
  4. Position areas of cooperation - between the parties to the call have no physical barriers, they sit side by side.Communication is confidential, intimate character.In this position you can discuss almost all issues and topics as the sides fully accept each other.
As of two people conversing , their degree of proximity to each other isolated types of personal space: The position of the two conversing speaks volumes about their approximate to each other
  • public (the distance between them of more than 3.5 meters);
  • social (3.5 to 1.5 meters);
  • private (from 1.5 meters to 40 cm);
  • intimate and sverhintimnoe (40 cm or closer).
If unfamiliar people try to cross the border of your personal distance, you instinctively step back or you pull your hands to prevent an invasion of your personal space.You may feel anger, increased heart rate, adrenaline.If you are in a situation where the invasion is inevitable (lift, crowded public transport), The journal recommends to try to keep quiet, do not talk to him, it is better to give even non-verbal contact with him (do not look the person in the eye).
Regarding preservation of its territorial space was conducted an interesting experiment.Woman after the briefing asked to sit next to a person involved in the table in the library.She quietly tried to sit down as close as possible, with each of its neighbors attempt instinctively moved away to the edge.Each of you had a similar desire in such a situation to keep its territory through a variety of non-verbal gestures, such as moving away elbow, shoulder fencing off of the annoying neighbor retraction of the head.
Saving personal distance can be seen in transport.It is noticed that the empty transport people sit alone on the paired seats.If not, take a seat next to a trustworthy neighbor, turning the other way.
Another example of non-verbal communication.In the park people like to take up all the space on the benches.If a suit sitting alone other and ask permission to sit, as a rule, be given the consent.But very soon the first leaves, searching for yourself free shop.
Non-verbal means of communication In rural areas the concept of personal space is much broader than in the city.The parties can talk at a distance of 2-5 meters, and it is not a problem or an inconvenience.In the town, where the population density is quite high, private territorial space narrows to a minimum and, again, this does not prevent free communication.The greatest discomfort is experiencing a villager while in town.He literally physically will feel the lack of air and space.There is evidence, as the many problems of adaptation arise when they move into the city as experienced excruciating longing for the expanses of fields and meadows, silence and fresh air, saturated peculiar fragrance of the earth, grass.What to say about the psychological suffering in communion with many completely indifferent people bustling on important matters.
between relatives secretly installed intimate distance in which everyone feels comfortable.Change the previously established boundaries of personal space may be indicative of the occurrence of a different type of relationship.A striking example of such a non-verbal communication: man and woman, just get to know each other, establish social distance.With the deepening and development of relations, the distance is changed to a personal and intimate.
By spatial arrangement of several people in the room, you can determine who to like, even if they do not reveal their feelings.His friendly attitude to the neighbor is expressed in turn to him the body of the body, head and sent him socks shoes.If the communication has got boring people, and want to talk with an interesting woman, toes are in her direction, but the body continues to be turned to the bore.
When an outsider trying to join the group, he first comes closer .The group looks at it and if it is provoked antipathy , conversing quietly closes the circle , so that he turns away .If he drew the attention of the interlocutors , formed a small passage where and wedged a new member . Caught in some areas, people are often divided into small groups and begin their deliberations within them.It is interesting to trace the means of nonverbal communication in such a situation.For example, when an outsider tries to join the group.He first comes closer.The group looks at it and if it is provoked antipathy, conversing quietly closes the circle, so that he turns away.If he drew the attention of the interlocutors, formed a small passage where and wedged a new member.In case of loss of interest in the new, discreetly pushes his circle, forming a chain of active members of the group.
concluding this review, MirSovetov allow himself to be noted that the above classification of non-verbal means of communication is by no means complete and finished.It reflects only one side of the manifold ways of entering a person in society.After all, no matter how much a person lives - he always brings new and new communication options that are most relevant in the circumstances.
ability to interpret non-verbal signals will greatly facilitate efforts to integrate into any sphere of human relations, and not once will stand you in good stead in critical situations.
Good luck!