Myths about Russian tire In this article, we literally will dispel myths about the Russian tire manufacturer and the quality of their products.Thus, we want to open our eyes to the real situation in the Russian automotive market and improve the view of the domestic tire manufacturers.
helped us to look into this matter and kindly agreed to share his observations of the man who 12 years sells tires (started a simple shop assistant - is now head of sales).Therefore MirSovetov thought it would be right and useful experience to trust a man who tire knows firsthand.

first myth: the Russian tire manufacturers hand curves

Manual labor at Russian plants in the past, all run by computers Many believe that the Russian manufacturers of hand curves, therefore, by definition, normal tires, they can not do.
Brad!Russian factories, which produce modern tires (Amtel, Cordiant) equipped with the latest technology.Was I on YaShZ and Kirov and Voronezh, and the factory Nokian and Michelin also managed to visit.So, manual labor - it's all in the past, people at these plants - the service personnel of the mac
hine, just watch, that machinery worked properly.A seasoned all - computers that are unlikely to be mistaken.Hardware settings made by the producers themselves, that is, Krupp (Germany), ViMiAy (Netherlands).So that here the error excluded, and, therefore, what?That's right: the myth "Curves hands" - it is a myth!

second myth: in Russia are not able to develop tires

Fact: Technology development of tires that famous GoodYear, that with the Kirov Yaroslavl tire factory - essentially the same !!!I know, because I've seen - and was in the laboratories and in the laboratories of America's Russia.I tell
    Technology development of tires that famous GoodYear, that with the Kirov Yaroslavl tire factory - essentially identical
  1. Computer Simulation (drawn several options for tire tread and its profiles).
  2. calculates behaviors tires in various situations (by the program).
  3. best option selected from the previous step, are cut by hand (a special machine that slices the slicks on the tread).
  4. Road tests (such as acceleration, braking, etc., and is compared, as a rule, with the best competitors in serial samples).
  5. Lapping selected sample (adjustment profile, rendering sidewalls, etc.).
  6. bus is commissioned.

Myth Three: Russian tires are made of poor quality materials

In this regard, we can say the following ...
    The share of natural rubber in the new Russian Amtel tire type and Cordiant - is the same as in imported tires , ranging from 10 to 20 %
  1. share of natural rubber in the new Russian Amtel tire type and Cordiant - is the same as in the imported tire ranges10 to 20% !!!
  2. artificial rubber.If foreign manufacturers were completely honest, that Michelin have admitted that a significant proportion of artificial rubber they buy in Russia.
  3. imports that Russian tires are made of polyester or nylon.The exception is the high-speed bus - they are made of rayon, this material should be used in tires with a speed rating of 240 km / h.Tire production of viscose in Russia have stopped 15 years ago, the commercials.

Myth Four: foreigners we strongly outperform in technology

Yaroslavl Tire Plant And here is easy to argue.For example, consider a highly publicized technology Bridgestone Dual Layer Tread II (Double Layer tread).
Yaroslavl Tire Plant 5 years already using this technology, and they developed it almost before the Japanese.
Voronezh tire plant surpassed the Japanese in general and release 4 !!!Protective layer.In general, recognize - all of us are trying to cheat.The microporous structure of the rubber, which supposedly absorbs moisture (Bridgestone), general delirium - moisture, it will absorb, and then what ?!I think after 10-15 meters moisture absorption stops becausepores are filled with moisture!In general, for whom we accept foreign developers of tires - and hedgehog clear :)

Myth Five: Russian tires like Russian roulette, you never know with the quality

Russian tires sold in Russia much more than imports full paragraph!The office where I work, sells half a million Russian tires a year and a hundred thousand imported.Russian tires all sold in Russia much more than imports.
So the percentage of complaints to Michelin, Continental and Nokian about the same as on the Amtel, Cordiant and Kama.The only negative of the Russian manufacturers that they sell and do not dispose of the bus, which did not pass quality control.But these tires are placed special marks such as - TX, Grade 3, DA and others.And, of course, they give them cheaply sellers, so these tires are sold - on beds !!!but not for use in transport !!!Everyone knows that going on, some of the tires really goes to the flower beds, and some successfully sold ignorant people who then reviled rubber hurl.

Hopefully now we have explained, where are the myths about the quality of Russian tires.And the very fact that these myths have no foundation, has to play a role in the purchase of the next set of tires.Therefore, you can choose winter tires of Russian production and thus also save, exactly like, choosing winter tires, do not chase the imported brands, and get completely predskazumoe behavior of the car on a slippery road.Should I pay extra for the name, you decide.MirSovetov simply assures you that among the Russian tire production, you can select an instance of a decent quality.