«Let's I'll snap my!".Of course, this phrase from a famous cartoon little scary.Although the resemblance is quite ominous.And you have a gate, and in the English language are one and the same word: «shot» - «shot» and «shot» - «photo».In reality, there is no crime - it will be about photography, and specifically about home photography.
Many of you have at home at least one camera and you tell them occasionally, and maybe not, use.Let's look at how to make the process of shooting, but rather the result of it, more attractive.
while shooting a lot depends on how true is selected camera settings.If everything is OK, the picture quality will technically, this MirSovetov said in a previous article, "How to learn how to take pictures."But that does not excuse you from the rest, for the technical part of the question - it is only a small part of a successful photo.And what then is the value?That's right!The subject of the shooting.And here is a great field for the imagination and the various techniques.Basically
it determines the artistic quality of the photograph.IePhotos can be technically perfect, but artistically meaningless.For example, a snapshot of the ordinary water pipe.
And now let's see, from what still develops photocomposition.Probably one of the key issues is the very moment.No wonder they say - Photo art of the moment.

time of shooting

Here it is impossible to predict 100%, when that very moment.Still, I can give you some recommendations for the successful composition:
  • consider the dynamics of events, and depending on it, shoot.The action scenes, the more you need to be agile;
  • try to keep the technical manipulation of your machine to a minimum.As a rule, the right moment happens at this time;
  • if you see what's happening - this is the long-awaited moment, you have to watch out for.And, if you hesitated to focus, for example, do not waste time - remove as it is.
Therefore it is necessary to try to predict the course of events, then you will have fully prepared, ieReady to record a desired scene and will, where required.
Accordingly, smoothly follows the next step.

point shooting and the angle in the composition

photos and much depends on the point of shooting, that is,as the photographer is shooting on the subject.Here, of course, a lot depends on your taste, so try to shoot from different angles - from different distances and different angles, including not only the right or the left, but also from below or above.
Do not be carried away by shooting people right, then their faces will turn out flat and uninteresting.
angle at which the picture is taken, and called foreshortening.
Do not get involved in shooting people right, then their faces turn out flat and uninteresting
If we are talking about people, then talk about them.
And what these people come to the camera?The subject of the survey.This is about them and tell.

shooting subject depending on who or what is in a frame pictures differ by genre.If people, it leaves you, the portrait turned out.Set tomatoes with garden - still life.Enchanted forest - landscape, etc.
But then, while keeping it simple, there are some errors.For example, you take a picture of their loved ones in nature, for example in the beautiful coast.In order to show you the beauty of the sea moved away and pressed the button.Photo receive cancellation, but, alas, the title of the portrait is not intended.Why is that?People in this photo obtained by small, their faces almost indistinguishable, ie,People in this case as part of the beautiful landscape.And it turns out that this is not a portrait and a portrait and landscape useless becausePeople actually spoil it, because they do not perform logical operations.In other words, a single picture, the composition did not.
Single picture, the composition did not work
Here's how it looks when larger.
And this is how it looks when large
now about the action in the frame.The picture is different if you are going to photograph, for example, a football match.In this case, despite the fact that people are still virtually invisible, it appears in the frame action, in this case - the game of football.And this is quite logical and complete composition.
In this case , despite the fact that people are still virtually invisible , it appears in the frame action , in this case - football game
Of course, the most common and exciting shooting - it's just a portrait, becauseeveryone who has a camera, are home photo album.And I'm more than confident that these albums more than 90% of the photo - portraits.But in addition to its prevalence is one of the most difficult genres of photography, becausewe must make sure that the person remained a man, and not turn into a statue in the photo.
In most cases, taking home the photographer can frame your subject itself, ie,place people at will.This should not be neglected.No, it is not absolutely necessary to build on the growth of all, if you are, of course, not in the army.Create a successful composition, and this MirSovetov recommends that you perform a number of these actions.Estimating the number of people and is commensurate with the size of the room, place them so that it was possible not close (eg, diagonally room), otherwise they are not feeling comfortable to be pinned down.If you get a few rows, then, of course, back rows should be higher than the front.
Then pay attention to the clothes.What?To people as possible in the same color clothes do not stand next to, or Siamese twins are obtained.
Examine the overall picture in the place of the background.I do not think that someone like antlers, which are quietly hanging on the wall, but found themselves in exactly overhead.Also see, not whether someone falls the shadow of the objects.This is especially true of persons.
And, of course, of course, shoot as close as possible.It should also be noted that for portraits advantageous to use excerpts in the "60".This will make the person more alive.
But it was a group portrait.On the sole there are some differences.Here, as in the first case, the person should be placed as close as possible to the machine, and as far as possible from the background.Use the maximum aperture of the lens, ie,set as the smaller aperture value.Then it must be that the person is in focus (sharp) and the background - not (blurry).
Using the maximum aperture of the lens , ie,set as the smaller the aperture , it turned out that the man is in focus ( sharp ) and the background - not ( blurry )
This technique allows you to position look at the man.Plus, the formulations in this arrangement the person, i.e.the main character portrait, occupies the largest area of ​​the frame that also emphasizes.This, if I may say so, the efficiency of the image.Just be careful, Check autofocus (if available in your device).If an error can leave everything on the contrary, will be the focus of the background, and the man is blurred.These things will be called marriage.
also necessary to take into account a number of points.For example, avoid the straight lines crossing the frame from the beginning to the end, no matter how this line crosses.It shares one picture to two (or more).Also avoid cropping parts of the body.Classically share photos on a photo in full growth, when you can see the whole person;at times, and only the upper part of the body - on his shoulders.It should leave a man over the head of a certain space, so as not to seem that it rests against the ceiling.Equally as not to be "resting" his face to the edge of the frame, then there is no perspective.
See how the light falls on the people.And from it will largely depend on the result of shooting.Therefore, we consider this issue in detail.

light in your window

As you probably know, photography is translated into Russian as light painting.From this it is easy to guess that the foundation is light.So, and what is the light?But it's different.Light sources are divided into natural and artificial.
It should be understood that the natural source of light is the sun, and it is the loyal assistant when shooting becausethe best results can be achieved only in sunlight.Of course, it's a little complicated if our star disappeared behind the clouds, which leads to the flat light.Stop!What light can be flat?This conventional concept.The fact that the clouds have a role matte filter.They not only impair the intensity of light, but scatters it, making monotonic.This lighting causes shadows that disappear due to lack of light directivity.Absence makes the shadows of objects on the display picture plane and sullen.Here's how it looks:
Absence makes the shadows of objects on the display picture plane and sullen
But photos in sunlight:
Photo in sunlight
Despite this, the intensity of light even through the clouds is very impressive.
features artificial lighting much more modest.At least illuminate the landscape with standard lighting fixtures fail.
for lighting purposes in photography are different lamps: the flash lamp;incandescent bulbs;Halogen lamps and others. And is, again, this is for light and shade.Yes, yes, we need for light and shade.For relief (volume) of the image, there is little presence of the illuminator, it is necessary also to correct post.Illumination is done not directly, but at an angle.Then, on one hand it turns the illuminated side, and on the other side because of the unevenness of the body - the shade.This emphasizes the volume.Only the main thing is not to overdo it, because the excessive brightness will lead to an equally excessive contrast.Now, how to highlight.
If you use several portraits lighting
for portraits use multiple illuminators.The so-called profiling light directed at a person's face on the left (in the figure the source I1) at an angle of approximately 45 °.As already mentioned, this light will create three-dimensional image, but this is not enough.You must apply for at least another two lamp.
source I2 have the right at an angle of 30 ... 40 °.And the intensity should be less than at the source I1.It's a fill light, so as not to appear excessive contrast.
achieve lower brightness in various ways: by providing a less powerful lamps;installing the lens to the illuminator;increasing distance from the source I2 to the subject.
Finally, the source I3 has been illuminated background.And why do we need the background?And to ensure that the background is not too dark and not create a sense of the severity of the picture.But overdo with backlight also should not be, then get darker people.
There is another benefit of the backlight.Lights occipital part, and the overall display of the person on the picture is a more voluminous and well-separated from the background.Beautifully light up hair.
course, in everyday shooting should not do it, and if you have a film camera, you do not recommended due to the resulting yellow photos.But, given the above, you can try to be more correct to dispose of existing light sources.
There is one caveat, and it is of a technical nature.
color temperature - is a parameter, despite the name, has no relation to the heat or cold, he describes the color.Ieevery color has a specific color temperature.To make it more clear, I will give an example.Take two white sheets of different paper.If they are considered separately, then both appear white sheet.But it is necessary to combine them, you will see the difference - one sheet will be more white.
An example of the difference of color temperature
It is characterized by color temperature.This temperature is measured in degrees Kelvin, and increases as we approach the purple.For example, straw-yellow in color value of the temperature in the region of 2700 ° K.
almost forgot, one more thing.Avoid individual lighting from below - get photos from the series "wanted posters".
And now go to the people.

informal conversation

Unlike landscapes, shooting people is a particular feature - they should prepare to shoot.The fact that a person getting into the "non-standard" situation enslaves the body, and most importantly, the person becomes constrained, which has a negative effect on the result of shooting.Therefore
in portraits MirSovetov advises:
  • not shoot "on the move".Give the first people to get used to you and the camera;
  • not to attract attention;
  • not pronounce the "Crown" phrase - "Attention!".It binds people instantly;
  • if you use light (lighters, chandeliers, etc.), then turn it in advance so that people are used to and squinted;
  • immediately before shooting, try to make people relaxed, for example, tell them or anecdote, etc .;
  • not delay the process, including setting up the equipment.Setting up, in addition to lengthening the process, also draws unnecessary attention.People get tired, and the result is not so hot.
It is more difficult with children.Well, if this is your son, then he will not have to get used to you.Otherwise, you must wait until your child is given the status of "friend."And as long as you do for him "alien" helluva lot of success can not wait.In addition, in any case, the child has to get used to the equipment, and it can take a lot of time, is that not a single day.
in general, and for the most suitable shooting children above mentioned rules, only then you will need much more attention and effort given to the child.We need more to talk to him in a positive and cheerful mood.
In some cases, it is necessary to deviate from this rule and, conversely, to configure the equipment longer and more revealing as possible, with elements of the game.
Young children tend to shoot "as is", iein their natural environment.No sitting on the chair!Generally, when photographing a child should be engaged is their work, do not make him do anything on your instructions.This will immediately cause a child's resentment, and, therefore, you are depriving the composition naturalness, manifested all the same stiffness.It is best to interest the child a game, then he will be fascinated by it, and thus liberated.Finally
.What or whom would you not photographed, approach the process with imagination.We must remember that the photograph - this is primarily an art rather than technology.