If you like to go somewhere to relax, then you are likely to take a camera.And really, what kind of tourist trip be without it.Footage photographic material remains the memory of enjoyable time.But here's how to make more pleasant?It's very simple!We must learn to do the scenic images while viewing that every time you appear warm memories.
Tips for photographing in turpoyezdkakh
In this article, we'll talk about how to better take pictures in tourist trips, and that this requires.

list of things - memorize!

photos can not take place because of the banal forgetfulness.For example, you forgot the camera at home.The horror!In this case you will be oh, how annoying.In order not to forget anything, consider, and what do we come in handy on the trip.
Photocomposition for tours
not difficult to guess that the main thing to take the camera itself.But that's not all!You still need the following:
- batteries suitable size in the number of multiple sets.Note that batteries can, of course, buy, but it is difficult to do, for example, in the woods.If you already have master
ed your machine, you have no problem sorientiruetes as taking sets, based on the "extravagance" system;
- if you are lucky enough to own the device on batteries, make sure you bring along a charger him.But there may be a problem, becausein some countries, the network is 220 V. There is nothing wrong, sinceAlmost all modern chargers can feed voltage of 110 to 240V and a frequency of both 50 and 60 Hz.For example, the US network of 60 Hz and 50 Hz with us.But in this case you will need an adapter plug, asregular plug in these networks will not do.Some chargers, cameras in this case there is a second cord.
If long trips where there is no access to an electrical outlet, do not interfere, and a second battery.It is also very convenient becausenot always have the time to charge the battery only;
- depending on the duration of the trip (both in time and in distance) is necessary also to stock up the necessary number of media to volume (of their choosing MirSovetov will tell in the next article).It
main components.But that still does not hurt to take.
It would be better if your machine will "live" in the bag suitable size.And in case of rain it is necessary to take care of the simple little things - a plastic bag that will save your machine in this case from many troubles.
not hurt also take lens care products , but it is only in extreme cases.
It may be helpful to an ultraviolet (UV), or, as it is called, UV-filter .It is particularly relevant if your machine plastic lenses.The fact is that when shooting nature, where a lot of UV rays, the image may be blurred and double contours, like a shadow.This is due primarily to the effect of refraction, which is MirSovetov said in the article about the choice of lenses.In addition, this filter will help to remove without damaging or dirty lens.Clean the filter a lot easier and safer than the lens, not to mention the damage to the latter.
But, alas, maybe not on all devices, asmany of them do not involve the use of filters and other accessories.This can be found in the instructions to the machine, or see if the thread in front of the front lens.For example, the majority of "Soap" is just not ready for the use of such elements.
similar picture using hood , which saves on the side illumination lens for sunny weather.But if you can, the hood is better to take with me, becauseit reduces the amount of glare.
this set can be completely do in most cases.Oh yes!If you do not have digital camera and film, then you certainly do not need a memory card and charger, but will need a supply of films of different sensitivity .It is enough to dial 100;200 and 400 units.ISO, and more precisely the amount needed hundred (100 units.) Sinceshe turpoyezdkakh where, as a rule, there is no shortage of light, most chassis as well as the maximum.
Here we have gathered.Everything is ready!Now you can actually begin the fun.

number of pictures and media

Arriving at the place, the majority of tourists there is an overwhelming desire to shoot everywhere and everything.On the one hand it is good and very useful.Firstly, it is the accumulation of experience, which, as you know, not much happens.Second, to get some good, not even necessarily exhibition frames, it is necessary to shoot a lot.Even professionals can not boast of 100% but masterpiece photographs.
downside here is technology.For the media can not accommodate an unlimited number of pictures.And on any device, whether it is a film (which ends the film) or digital (wherein the carrier is also not an unlimited number of mega- or gigabytes), sooner or later the time comes when the shooting is impossible.And then, it would seem, the film is worse - over all.Frames do not erase!But this is not true.The film sold almost everywhere and not very expensive.But digital media much more expensive.And if you are not a very rich budget travel, and low capacity installed in the machine carrier, then there will have to choose between two evils.On this and say a few words.
Again, the version of "photographing less" is not always acceptable.And how then to be?Let us, in this case for help.No, friends, and the settings of your camera.Namely.See more at home before the trip, there are free card.If not, copy the files to your computer, then format the memory card.Format with a special menu of the device and not on your computer!Otherwise, your card may not be available.After that, the entire space of cards becomes available to your creations.It is time.
two - go to the menu and look for the tab, which is used to select the number of megapixels.The smaller the number you choose, the more will the photos.But the quality in this fall.However, if you do not plan to print all photos, then view them on a PC resolution of 1 megapixel is enough "for the eyes."For example, if the card capacity of 1 GB and the specified resolution you can shoot 1,700 photos.
But if you plan to print a photo, it is better to increase the resolution.Thus
not necessarily permanently removed from the same resolution.The journal suggests change the resolution depending on the situation and the type of value being photographed, so to speak, a dynamic approach to the issue.
There is another option to save space on a digital medium.Upon returning, say to the hotel, check the footage and remove the bad shots.
Important!When you operate the camera, be careful not to accidentally format the memory card.It would be extremely disappointing if that happens.A precedent has already been this, believe me.

portrait and landscape shooting

Character is largely determined by its location.And then it's not the end of the delimitation of the shooting indoors or outside.Much also depends on the nature of the trip.For example, a survey of the urban landscape, if you go, say, in Paris, will be very different from the coast of Sochi.That
Different specific subjects shooting a certain effect.But before you consider the specifics of shooting typical trips, we will decide ourselves.
Many put an end in itself to include their image in each of his pictures.Like, I was here (as well), and there has been (a), everywhere was (a).Thus, without knowing it, you have it spoils the whole picture.We must decide for yourself what you want: to shoot beautiful seascape or a mediocre portrait on the background of a large puddle?Why is a portrait of a mediocre, you ask?It's very simple!To show how much background, you increase the field of view of the lens to the maximum, ie,the way toward «W».A person that isyourself or friends, put on by the camera, say 3 ... 5 m. As a result, people are getting smaller, people subtle, and in the background of field, making the overall picture plane.In terms of portraiture is a marriage.But as the landscape is, alas, also married, becausePeople actually spoil it (this MirSovetov said in the article "How to learn how to take pictures," it will be useful to read for understanding the methods described below).
So let's agree, if you decide to take good pictures, it clearly delineates the subject image.I urge you not to give up portraits.Quite the contrary, call for a qualitative approach to this matter.Remember that all quality portraits executed large.The background in this case is not so much, and sometimes it does not hurt "blur."With a strong background blur plants look great in sunlight.But too carried away by the effect of "bokeh" when shooting against the sea, buildings, monuments, etc.not worth it.In this case, it is necessary to leave the "read" circuits.Otherwise, you then can not guess what it is.And the artistic value can only be achieved with a balanced picture.
However, to avoid (in most cases) completely sharp background in the portrait, no matter how beautiful it is.
Try not to shoot a portrait of the front, ie,when looking directly at the camera - in nature is almost irrelevant.Shoot at an angle.It would be even better if people in the frame will perform certain actions.
Try not to shoot a portrait of the front, ie,when looking directly at the camera - it
But with sharpness on the landscape is not so smooth.Here everything depends on the nature of the landscape and your taste.Art, of course.
consider typical cases.Shooting


Shooting on the coast is very exciting
shooting seaside quite fascinating.And the sea are obtained not only magnificent scenery, but also excellent portraits.There is good lighting, interesting reflections from the waves and quite a dynamic scene.A
begin with light.It is known that one day the sun moves from east to west, ie,from sunrise to sunset.This will change and the nature of light in tone, as well as the direction of the shadows.The most disgusting time of day, not only for Sun-ablation - this afternoon, when the sun is at its zenith.In this case, as is known, the shadow disappear.More precisely, they are, but directed downwards, resulting in unsuitability of the light pickup.If the items are not as critical to such coverage, here people look scary.Frightening only when illuminated from the bottom up.
Try to shoot at dawn, when more dominated by yellows, or at sunset when everything is red.By the way, in these cases, you can shoot the sun directly.
Try to shoot at dawn, when dominated by a yellow tones ...
... Or at sunset when everything is red
Let's talk about the move.
exciting spectacle of a storm, or even dashing foam of the wave.But to portray them in the picture may be different.Here's a look:
An exciting spectacle storm or even dashing foam wave
Show waves in the picture can be different
In the first case the waves as if frozen, and you can see everything to the last drop.In the second - wave oiled, which gives them "vitality."
As you remember, this is achieved by "playing" with the shutter speed.To capture the waves is most suitable mode «S», ie,shutter priority or manual mode "M".Waves "come alive" at shutter "30" (1/30 sec) and longer.And, conversely, it becomes clear at shorter exposures.
We must shoot and so and such.When the wave becomes elaborated (not oiled), also clearly become visible and all the spray.It is, effectively looks at the pictures of the storm.
way when shooting a storm come in handy filter (UV or safety glass).Then you can come closer and get the best effect.But do not get carried away, otherwise you risk to get under the waves!After this event your unit, is likely to be unworkable.

Photographing attractions

Photographing attractions
There is usually dominated by shooting attractions (architecture, etc.), as well as shooting indoors.Let's start with the "internal".
shooting indoors (museums, exhibitions, etc.) imply scant coverage and inconvenience associated with a small space or a lot of people, or even worse, the first and second together.In this case, you have to be careful to squeeze into the right place, knocking someone or do not damage the unit, and even worse - not stumbling.Here you should choose a fully automatic shooting mode, asnot always enough time to manipulate the camera.
But there is one little nuance in such shootings - not everywhere, you can shoot with the flash.If you are in front of, or in any other place met a banner reading «NOT FLASH» («No Flash"), then please be polite and turn off the flash.
Yes, but how to shoot without it, if there is no light?There is nowhere to go.Put the mode "A" - Aperture Priority, open it completely.Then see if the shutter speed is obtained by "30" and longer, raise ISO sensitivity as long as the shutter speed will not be at least "60".At speeds "30" and longer to get clear shots difficult.
do everything as quickly as possible, becausewanting to do the same abound and they can push you.
Outside everything is much easier.There are a lot of space and light.Unlike sea vistas, urban landscapes have the following features.As you know, buildings are fixed, and can be removed at any combination of shutter speed and aperture.But again, there are nuances.
Firstly, at the location of buildings cascade (and they can always be arranged by selecting the appropriate point shooting) could and should be elementary to select between the building and highlight it in the picture accordingly.You guessed how?That's right - shallow depth of field.This sharpness is induced in the right building."Play" diaphragm, we can achieve the desired length of the building.That is, if you shoot like that.
Position for photographing buildings cascade
to the right you turned in the building №2 field, you must choose a specific aperture value (rel. Hole).Ieif the depth of field is small, only a small part of the building №2 be sharp and give the impression that it is short.If more, the zone of "visibility" get the edge of buildings №1 and №3.
As already has been said here, the survey of buildings and other real estate facilities can be carried out at any shutter speed and aperture.But everything changes when they come - cars!A moving car has to move in the photo, and not to freeze forever.To do this again resort to the regime «S» and a long exposure.
night landscape features of the effect in this case.From cars will remain only band from the headlights and taillights.But to this (in bands) did not end the frame, it is necessary to work and background, which use a very long exposure (seconds and sometimes minutes), and for this you need to have a tripod, you safely left at home, or you do not haveabsolutely.What to do?Find the device for any support (wood, railings, benches, etc.).Shooting

mountain scenery

Taking mountain scenery
Well, climbed into the mountains?
When taking mountain scenery, there are some features.For example, the light is very specific.Here the point is that the mountains provide shade, which dropped to the bottom of them.When selecting the angle and location shooting must take into account this.Of course, the direction of the shadow is not so categorical, although more familiar if it is to cope.But to get into this shadow and photograph it is not desirable.
And one more thing - point shooting.There will be a completely different experience from shooting at the foot of the hill (first picture) or on top of it (in the second).
Completely different impression created by shooting at the foot of the mountains ...
... And on top of it
and various photographs of the hill, made directly or obliquely camera.Ieif the camera is positioned at an angle, the lens up, the mountain will appear higher.If, conversely, down, below.By the way, this rule applies to any shot, the same technique can "grow" and man.
there in the mountains, and not only in the mountains of the river.But the shooting of mountain rivers - it exciting.Here it is necessary to recall the techniques for shooting the sea, where we learned how to create the effect of movement, or to make water splashing missed first trimester abortion.
If river water is transparent, it is possible to remove it, including still and downward as it wraps around the stones, driftwood and other obstacles.
If river water is transparent , then it can be removed , including even downward as it wraps around the stones and other obstacles snags
River still calm sea, and you can shoot very smooth surface of the water, placing the camera directly above the surface.Then the photographs you see the beauty of the structure of the waves.But be careful not to give a "drink" your machine!
Also, good results can be achieved by taking the morning or evening, when the glare of sunlight "float" on the waves.
And now we'll pay some attention to the plant world.
If you remove a plant, such as flowers on the lawn, then dropped below his camera at the level of these plants.IeIe