Dictaphone One of the most positive aspects of our time is the possibility of a person through the use of its achievements to increase their quality of life.Just a decade ago, have a computer, washing machine and microwave oven was considered a luxury, but today we take these items as essential household machines and devices.Many convenient and essential equipment and tools to help modern man to keep up with the rapidly changing world.Among these can be attributed recorders.Today
of bulky and noisy dispensers they became beautiful and compact products.Modern recorders offer excellent sound characteristics, and the presence of many comfortable ons that can make the writing process easier and more convenient.And because these graceful and sometimes irreplaceable device rightfully increasingly gaining its market position.But a wide range of voice recorders, now offers shops, the consumer is difficult to immediately determine the choice.Let us try to understand a little of the situation in the market and accents in th
is matter.
you get the recorder to be used for its intended purpose, to record audio files, and because, of course, that the main indicators of the voice recorder that should affect your choice should be the specifications, thus ensuring a good quality when you play back the recorded soundfragments.These indicators include ...

Recording format

This option most models is characterized by the ability to record audio signals in a compressed format (format MP3) or uncompressed (in WMA format).The lack of compression, of course, provides a high-quality recording, but the data take up more space on the disk.Select the type of codec for compressing audio files focused on the basic characteristics of the speech signal, and if the voice recorder has good speed cross bits of recorded information (128 kbit / s and above), the sound quality is unlikely to be affected by the compression.

maximum recording time

Mini voice recorders index, which depends on the capacity of the memory card, built-in voice recorder, as well as the format used in recording.It is not necessary to treat confidentially to the characteristics for which you can specify as a dealer interested in buying your face, note the recording time with a good bit rate of 128 kbit / s, it will be a measure of how a particular voice recorder is suitable for you on this characteristic.In the description of the technical data of these modes are often referred to as the SP and LP, then your option - it is the recording time when using the SP.A memory capacity affects the cost of the device, because determine for themselves the allowable value for money and a voice recorder.To ensure quality recording for 4-5 hours enough cards to 128 MB, which is using the LP mode recording time will provide up to 60 hours.

Adjustment range and frequency response

This characteristic is a good model recorders between 100 and 6000-10000 Hz, which makes it possible to make not only high-quality voice recording, and recording musical passages.The specified range of up to 3000 Hz will not be able to catch higher notes in the voices speaking people, giving dips in the sound.If a passport recorder is set from 400 to 4000 Hz, it can provide a sufficient level of quality of the recorded tracks.

autonomy or battery life at no additional charge

parameter that you can not find in the data sheet.But it contains the input power in mW recorder / h or W / h, and the battery capacity in mA / h or A / h.Multiplying indicator capacitance and voltage to which the battery is typically 1.5, and for different types of batteries from 1.2 to 3.7 V, it is possible to obtain a value that indicates the battery power supply.Get the number of hours you can work, if you divide the resulting value by the power consumption of the recorder.

Sensitivity recorder

This parameter indicating how far from the object can be carried out for recording the sound of normal quality.You can buy a compact recorder to record from a distance for possible recording up to 12 meters. But sometimes it is better to try once than to believe in the written technical description and make a trial version of the recording at a certain distance to ensure the accuracy of this data.

Availability AGC

Dictaphone This feature is a must if the record to be a dialogue with the participation of several people.Automatic gain control allows you to make sound quite smooth and the best to play due to the ability to mute a loud and too quiet to strengthen the voice signals.Of course, the sound quality is also affected by the presence of built-in or external microphone, if there is a need for directional recording from a specific source, and the work of special filters that allow you to change the recording mode depending on the situation (in the street, indoors), suppressing noise, excellentfrom voice signals.
For someone could be important to have a replacement card, which allows to increase recording time as well as the use of the activation of the recorder using the voice that will help eliminate the extra loss of time by turning off the recording device in the absence of the voice signal.Maybe you will like the model with the ability to set a timer recording, the recorder starts to work at a certain fixed time.For better orientation in the mass of sound fragments useful feature indexing in which to quickly find you can leave marks on certain points of entry.
Experts Site www.dictofonam.net, who by the nature of their work should be aware of dictaphones almost all recommend that if security is important to you, you can pay attention to the possibility of setting a password to access data record or masking function phonograms.Very convenient are the models recorders, which are provided in the construction of the USB-port for easy and fast data transfer to a PC.And the opportunity to buy recorder with additions such as a tuner that allows sometimes listen to the radio, or adapter to record phone depends on your wishes and financial possibilities.
to determine the priority of qualitative characteristics, which in the first place should pay attention, you must define the objectives of the use of the voice recorder.And from what the function name you give a major role, and will depend on your final choice of model.