As you know, modern technology never stand still.And a huge number of fans of different kinds of games waiting for new discoveries.Manufacturer of professional game controllers and game consoles, the company Exeq, is quite popular in the Russian market.Actively developing this summer brand Exeq could present a number of new products that will not only continue the already known product line, but also to begin a fresh direction.In this review, we consider the acoustic device and headphones.

Ruler headphones and acoustic devices Exeq company introduced a new slogan "make the sound brighter."With this slogan, the company said that the new line of products acoustics - a modern sound quality, trendy and stylish design and unique color devices.

Among headphones Exeq introduced six models: 4 options earphone and headphone 2 options for connecting to a monitor.In-ear headphones differ attractive design and pleasant colors, powerful and high quality sound.The headphone cord length of 130 cm, L-shaped connect

or has a 3.5 mm jack.Good specifications and bright design Exeq headphones will not only enjoy quality sound to your favorite tunes, but also turn headphones into a fashion accessory of your image.In the domestic market price of in-ear headphones will range from 250 to 490 rubles, depending on the model.

Bright representative monitor headphones Exeq - HBT-001 model.This bluetooth-headphones with an elegant design and high quality sound broadcast.The headphones can be folded for storage, the battery can withstand up to 17 hours of battery life.Built-in microphone and a button to receive and reject a call, allows you to comfortably communicate by telephone.The approximate cost of the headphones HBT-001 in Russia will be 3000 rubles.

Speakers Exeq company presented the 7th models - a portable speakers and acoustic devices 2.0.All models feature a unique design and high quality features.Among the speakers Exeq - model MP3 player with support for cards MicroSD, wireless bluetooth-speakers and speakers with integrated microphone.Of all the models of the most noticeable Exeq SPK-1205.It is characterized by a wide range of technical specifications which allow to achieve the perfect sound.SPK-1205 - is a portable speaker with a standard audio output of 3.5 mm, bluetooth-module built-in MP3 player and support for memory cards MicroSD.Also, the column is equipped with a sound recording microphone.In Russia, the price Exeq SPK-1205 will be installed in the vicinity of 1,200 rubles.

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