Quite often when viewing album friends or relatives just lost interest on the fifth page.Why is this happening?After your baby is the most beautiful, the most emotional and most photogenic!Maybe it's own photographs - repetitive and non-story?In this article, The journal will help you learn to take pictures of their children more interesting.Read the recommendations of professional photographers, perhaps you will understand their mistakes, and even during the next shot your footage will be much better.

Home photoshoot

course, most of you are photographing a child at home.However, few know that this survey is one of the most difficult.This absolutely does not matter what kind of camera you have - an ordinary digital compact or SLR camera doroguschy.Recording conditions equally challenging for the most part because of the lack of light.I'm sure many of you solve this problem is simple - use the built-in flash.And in vain, because this function is completely "kill" the photo - frame is flat, lacking volu

me.In addition, a direct flash often leaves overexposure to these areas of the face like the forehead and nose and makes pupils of the eyes red.Try to shoot without a flash - you will immediately see how to transform a photo of your child.

Council №1.Take pictures without the built-in flash

How to do it?After all, no flash photos are dark?Help comes in natural light.Your apartment has a window, and it's a great light for shooting.Ask your kid to play near the window and did not miss the moment to capture it on camera.

're shooting night?Then try to use as many different sources of light - turn on all the lights, which are available in the room, bring the table lamps.If the photo still getting dark, raise the sensitivity to ISO 800-1000, and switch the white balance to "Incandescent."With light

decided now is the point of view to think.An open closet with clothes or ironing board in the background hardly decorate your photos.Therefore, be sure to take into account the background during shooting.

Council №2.Take care of the shooting background

best option background - monochrome neutral background.Remove from the field of view of all superfluous.You can make the background to - hang monotonous blanket, tablecloth, etc.Remember that the main thing in the frame to be your child.

If you photograph your baby at home, it does not mean that he should be dressed "at home."

Council №3.Pay attention to the appearance of the child

stained suit and stretched sliders will not cause emotion when viewing the photo.Prepare your baby to shoot - comb, wash, dress nicely.

your baby is ready to shoot?Remember - first of all, he needs to feel comfortable.So give him complete freedom.

Council №4.Do not force your child to sit

In no case do not make your child's photo session "obyazalovke" for him.Avoid shooting in the style of "photographer in kindergarten," when the kid forced to look directly into the frame and smiling.No need to ask the child to sit, because then the photos will be boring.Try to be not only a photographer, but also a writer - Encourage your child to play some role.This may be a teacher with book and pointer that teaches students (dolls) a lesson, the attending doctor, etc.Most importantly - do not distract the child during the game and try to catch an interesting point.

The same applies to photos with relatives.No need to make a boring portrait photos.What prevents grandfather to be a patient in the Doctor Hospital, and her grandmother - a beauty salon customer?Try photographing children at the time when their faces express any interesting emotion, and are not waiting for the shutter clicks.

In general, try to capture not just the child, and his little life: now he passionate collecting cubes, a few minutes reading a book, and an hour later, suddenly fell asleep in a funny pose.Do not be lazy to look for interesting moments, seemingly ordinary things.

will look pretty interesting photos that your baby is growing at the same background and the same circumstances.For example, a child sitting on the couch on a background of favorite toys - toys and sofa every time the same, and your baby - is different every month!

«Catch" all these things then your pictures will be really interesting.

Photographed while hiking

Of course, the best pictures are obtained outdoors.In the park, on the river or in the woods near your baby will surely lift your spirits.You will be able to make a great emotional and unconstrained photos.All tips for shooting at home will be useful to you and your baby during a photo shoot on the street: do not forget about the appearance of the baby, choose a beautiful background, do not force your child to sit, and ease rezhissiruem frame.For example, ask your child to sit down and consider growing flowers in the park, play ball or throw a golden foliage.

photos look great when the baby is moving.Children with great pleasure that will run anywhere you like, and you only need to catch a good picture.With today's technical possibilities cameras make it easy - running the kids recommended shoot in sports shooting, better yet set a continuous shooting mode.Then a series of photos, you can choose the most successful shots.

Children love to frolic in the water.Do not miss the opportunity to capture them for this fun.Just do not forget to protect the camera from splashes.And not to spoil the picture blurred drops, also use the sports mode.

If you want to remove the child in the genre of "portrait", take care of the environment.Choose a suitable time and place.Remember that it is best to take pictures in the evening sunlight or at early morning - when the sun gives a soft and warm light.If you are thinking of doing a photo session in the afternoon, to avoid harsh shadows on your face will not succeed.

Many people know the simple truth - you can not take pictures against the sun.However, it happens that among the plurality of frames obtained one - very beautiful and unusual.Experiment with a shot (thanks, in modern cameras is not the film, and a memory card).Incidentally, in this case, it is useful to you, "harmful" flash.The backlight (so called light, when you are photographing a person against the sun), it highlights the face, and the baby's hair shone in the rays of the sun.

Be observant and imagination.The more emotions in your child, the more interesting it will be pictures.If you want to make them brighter and more colorful - in advance take care of the necessary entourage: toys, fruits, sweets, balloons - all decorate the picture.

The most important thing to get good shots - your attitude.Do not be nervous, if the child does not pose any way you want.Take it as a game - think of the shooting ease.And you will see that soon the desired frames themselves "go" to you in the arm.After all, your mood and definitely transferred to the child.A beautiful pictures will be the reward for patience and boundless love for their child!