There are people who enjoy themselves in the photo, but there are those who are eternally dissatisfied.In this case there is not beauty.After photogenic person depends not only on its appearance, but on the ability to "submit" themselves in the frame, to express their individuality.This article MirSovetov tell you how to take pictures, it is good to be captured.Following our uncomplicated rules, you'll always look your best!

Analyze your previous shots

Surely you already have a sufficient number of photos.On the one you feel good about yourself, others - not very.Select the pictures, in which you get the best.Carefully read them, pay attention to such details: turning the head, posture, gaze direction, and so on. D. Remember them and try to play again.

Training before the mirror

Try standing in front of a mirror to find the expression that you like best.Turn your head in different directions, and lift the lower it, use a different facial expression, until you are satisfied with the reflection in

the mirror.We can only remember liked the expression and use it when shooting.

These eyes on the contrary ...

Pay attention to your eyes.In everyday life, full of cares and troubles, gloomy view has some color.Try to get used to the fact that only at the sight of the camera your eyes immediately changed.It is best to imagine this, you do not look at the lens, and the person you want to please or seduce.Work on a look in the mirror - "shoot" through the eyes, slightly prischurte them, "Open your" look.Do not be afraid to experiment!

Worried?Do not look into the lens!

Some people start to shy photographer's camera.In this case, at the time of the shooting, you can not look into the lens.Strive towards your opinion.This option will give a certain mystique and hide your excitement.Another trick - turn away from the camera, count myself a few seconds and turn sharply to the photographer.This will relax the muscles of the face and make the expression more natural.

very well to relax "aping" before the camera.Few pogrimasnichayte, build funny faces.This warm-up will only benefit.

your image

If you want a good turn out on a photo, due attention should be paid to makeup and hairstyle.Best of all, if the make-up will be somewhat different from your everyday image and be more contrast and brighter.That's what professional makeup artists recommend and stylists:

  1. Be careful in choosing the shadows and blush.The pearlescent shades can give a person in the photo some swelling, so it is advisable to use matte colors.Purple is undesirable as attached to the face sickly.
  2. If you want to visually reduce the nose on photos, adjust it with the tonal framework.Apply darker tone on the sides of the nose and wings, lighter - on the upper part.Gently blend the concealer.
  3. To visually enlarge the lips, choose light colors.Eyeliner, try to choose the tone of lipstick, or on a photo can look like a painted doll.
  4. Mascara desirable to apply multiple layers to give more expressive look.
  5. on your face to avoid unpleasant glare, its powder the well.
  6. If you want to be photographed with her hair, make styling.But do not make a big bouffant, as in the picture head will look too big in relation to the body.

«To suit sat»

sure to take pictures in those things that feel comfortable and beautiful.It is up to your inner peace depends on the result of the photo shoot.

Pay attention to the color of your clothes.Give up at a photo shoot on the skin tones - beige color simply merge with your skin.Do not take photos in black - in the photo he is "add" you a few years.But the clothing with a large picture frame will distract attention from your person.Choose plain, not too "flashy" colors.If you know where you will be photographed, choose clothes that will be combined with the background.

nuances that need to pay at the time of the shooting

you think that celebrities who are you to examine in glossy magazines, there are no disadvantages?Of course not.Simply, they skillfully and cleverly they are able to hide.You too can follow uncomplicated rules to help look spectacular on the photos:

  • look slightly above the lens.With this view will seem more open;
  • if you're shooting in full growth, it is not necessary to bend one knee.In this case, your legs will appear curved in the photo;
  • to look slimmer, turn to the photographer side, with the face and direct toward the camera;
  • in any case not keep his hands at his sides.This situation will ruin your photographs;
  • during shooting is not too lifts up his head.Such a perspective you did not decorate: the nostrils appear "in all its glory," eyes in the photo seem much less, but will increase the chin.

Top 5 tips to get a good picture

And now tell you 5 small tricks with which you will look spectacular in a photo.About them should know every girl.

trick first - language support.

not think it was a joke.But look better on a photo you will own language.Just push it towards the sky during shooting.Thus, you can visually make the neck longer, and also to get rid of a double chin.By the way, this trick is often used by many Hollywood actresses during the photo sessions.

second trick - choose the right angle.

you are not a professional model?Then try to eliminate the photography in front.It is best to lift his head slightly upward or slightly downward.In this case, the person will appear more impressive.

third trick - a win-win position.

This pose is known to many, since it is often used celebrities.Why do not you feel like a Hollywood actress from the red carpet?

Turn 45 degrees to the camera and put your hand on your hip.At the same time, one leg should be pushed forward.Body weight, move to the other leg.Do you know why this pose is often used?It makes you visually slimmer and slimmer.

fourth trick - cross our legs.

If you want to look thinner in a photo, try during shooting cross my legs.Firstly, because the hip will appear already, and secondly - the legs become longer than visually.In addition, this position helps to relax and be natural.Apply it is possible and in a sitting position.

fifth trick - do not forget about posture and smile.

We all know that in front of the camera lens must be squared his shoulders and draw the belly.But for some reason during recording we forget about this simple trick that will make you not only thinner but also more confident.And, of course, do not forget to smile.Relax a little slightly open mouth and smile at a time when the photographer is ready to press the shutter release.

Be yourself!

Most people at the sight of the camera immediately start to behave abnormally and are in constant tension.Due to the excessive desire to get a good picture, the result is just the opposite - you look at a photo chained and squeezed.Therefore, first of all, relax and chill out.After all, you're not on the exam!