How to restore an account on Avito? for several years, is the largest universal service free classified ads in our country. Every day, with the help of thousands of buyers and sellers of various goods and services to find each other and conclude deals. All sellers ads served from compulsory moderated and checked for compliance with the rules. Since the persistent unwillingness to read the rules is our national feature, it is often such arrogance ends irresponsible violation of the rules, and subsequent blocking of both the ad and the entire account.

As the number of buyers comparable areas not, after locking many are thinking about how to restore your account to Avito.

How to restore an account on Avito if it is blocked
User accounts are usually blocked at the serious violations that prevent the use of its website and other people. For example, Avito absolutely can not create duplicates of ads of the same product. Most often this is done in order to raise your ad in the search results . If you are affected by something like this , yo
u can restore your account , do the following .
  1. Carefully read the rules ad to see what kind of demand you have broken.
  2. Write a letter to support Avito , which recognizes in its violation of the obligation to comply with and give all the rules in the future. To send a letter , use a special form to send a query by choosing a theme itemLocks and deviations.
  3. All requests of this kind are considered individually, and the processing speed depends on the current load specialists.
How to restore the account on the email address Avito
In that case, if you scored your password to your account at Avito it can be restored to the email address . To do this, go to recovery , enter the email address you provided at registration and then clickReset the current password.
With this method, you can only restore access to your account with the forgotten password.

How to recover after the removal of an account
If your account was deleted you personally or service Avito , then restore it you will not succeed . But you can always register a new account . However, if the reason for removal have been some violations , then use to register a new email address and a new mobile number. At this time, carefully read the rules and not violate them in the classifieds .
We can only wish good luck to use this site to every seller found a buyer, and the buyer need it every seller with the right products.