How to put money on the phone via the Internet?

The life of modern man is almost unthinkable without a cell phone to stay in touch at any place where a sufficient level of signal received from the base stations of the operator. It is difficult to imagine how people managed without cell phones just some few decades ago. Only time forgetting to top up your balance, you have a real chance to feel it. And even then not fully. It is also the Internet, with which you can also easily get in touch, as well as use it to put money on the phone.


With a plastic card with the connected Internet banking , or being a user of one of the electronic payment systems can easily top up mobile phone balance will not yield and with a minimum commission , or no .

How to put money on the phone via the Internet, using a plastic card
As already mentioned, have a plastic card is not enough. You need to have access to the Internet banking system , which is activated at the request of the customer and , in most cases it is free. If access to such a system, you have to recharge the acc
ount balance on your mobile phone with the help required to perform the following steps .
  1. Open the browser official website of your bank.
  2. On the bank's website, find the link and go to your internet banking.
  3. Using your username and password, log on to.
  4. The Internet banking system, locate the payments and transfers.

    payments and transfers online banking systempayments and transfers online banking system

  5. This opens a window where you need to specify your mobile phone number and the amount of payment and confirm the payment.

    creation of paymentcreation of payment

To make it easier in the future and will make such transfers can save a template for the transfer and use it for subsequent recharges your phone.

How to put money on the phone over the Internet with the use of electronic payment systems
To recharge the cell phone can be used, such electronic payment systems such as the WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Kiwi purse.
  1. Run WebMoney Keeper Classic on your computer and log in using your ID and password WMID . WebMoney Keeper Classic allows the most flexibility to manage their electronic money , receive and transfer money , including paying for their mobile services .

    launch purse WebMoney Keeper Classiclaunch purse WebMoney Keeper Classic

  2. Click on the tab "My WebMoney┬╗.

    tab tab "My Webmoney"

  3. In the renewed window, select your network operator.

    choice of mobile operatorchoice of mobile operator

  4. Launch the Internet Explorer, which provide your cell phone number and the amount to be credited to the account.

    Specifies the phone number and the amount to paySpecifies the phone number and the amount to pay

  5. Specify the type of purse, to be used for payment.

    clarifying the type of purseclarifying the type of purse

  6. Translucent window opens in which enter the verification code number from the previous window and click "Yes."

    enter the verification codeenter the verification code

  7. The next screen will need to be checked with the help of SMS, which will be sent to your cell phone number.

    request a verification code SMSrequest a verification code SMS

    Report on sending SMSReport on sending SMS

  8. After some time (usually immediately) to the phone must be received an SMS-message with a verification code.

    enter code podtvrezhdeniyaenter code podtvrezhdeniya

    a report on the fulfillment of paymenta report on the fulfillment of payment

Fee for recharge using WebMoney payment system is 1.5% of the payment amount.