How to disable Internet on the iPhone?

To operate most functions of iPhone must be connected to the Internet. Only in this case the high-tech device can be used as it was intended by its creators and developers - as a small gadget, a little inferior to what a full computer. In our conditions the lack of affordable unlimited tariffs causes users to search for the answer to the question of how to disable the Internet on the iPhone to avoid overspending of funds on the account balance, thus depriving themselves of a variety of facilities from the use of iPhone.


Even those tariffs that mobile operators are positioned as the unlimited , in essence are not, because they are a limit on the volume of traffic after which the speed of the Internet is reduced to the level of modem connections beginning of the 2000s .

Consider how to disable GPRS / EDGE and 3G Internet on the iPhone.
  1. Enter your phone, pressing the icon that says "Settings."

    icon icon "Settings" iPhone

  2. Go to settings "Basic."

    configuration section configuration section "General"

  3. In the basic settings, open the "Cellular D

    Cellular Data settingCellular Data setting

  4. In cellular data set to the zero position switches "Cellular Data" and "Enable 3G».

    off mobile Internet iPhoneoff mobile Internet iPhone

Inclusion in reverse order.

If you want to complete disconnection from any phone connection to the Internet including Wi-Fi, then again go to the settings by clicking the icon of the same name . Go to setup to connect to Wi-Fi networks , and set the switch that activates the phone Wi-Fi module to zero . After this step, access to the Internet for the iPhone will be completely blocked .

The Internet can also find recommendations on how to disable the settings Push- Notification . In fact, this action is unnecessary and can not do, as if there is no connection to the Internet , the iPhone and the notification will not work.