How to get into the deep Internet?

The term deep web , or deep Web denotes that part of the global network , which has remained hidden from the search engines and that , accordingly, can not be displayed in search results for users. It can be compared to an iceberg , since even the most modest and rough estimates of the size of the hidden Web indicate that it is several times higher than the current value of the accessible portion of the Internet as measured by the index of search engines Google, there are several trillion pages.

What does the term "deep web"
The whole concept of the search engines with "visible" part of the Internet is based on the use of links . It is expressed in the fact that can be found , indexed and provided upon request by only one document to which a link from a page already known previously . If the link is not present, with high probability search engines of not aware of such a document , which means that it can be attributed to the deep web.

In addition , the deep of the Internet presented numerous information tha
t is available only after the registration on the site. This is a different scientific papers , documents and research materials of electronic subscriptions and mailing , archival images and video , the results of database queries that gave "on the fly " . Also a deep vebu include numerous data contained in networks with more complex protocols and routing than those used in the conventional Internet. This is primarily a network Torrent and Tor.

How to get into the deep online
It is difficult simply and simultaneously. You can always spend some of their time to find specialized resources on topics of interest to register them and get access to the information contained sensitive information on them , but no one can guarantee that there is no other, you have found the resources on which the information sought presented in a more complete and accurate form .

But to find anything better than to not find anything, so consider ways to access information in the deep web.
  1. Identify a specific theme, information that you need to find. Weight Loss. diet.overweight.gymnastics.physical exercise.nutrition. diet exercise. Carefully review the search results, find the resources on which the information will be available only after registration. Is registered to the selected site and after that try to find them the right information . This will be part of a closed Internet, you successfully hit.
  2. Take advantage of special browser to view the data contained in special networks. Above all, this Tor-browser that you should download and install on your computer. As mentioned previously, Tor - it vysokoanonimnaya network, which recently received a rapid development due to the higher degree of safety of personal data. In it one can not determine your location as the user, learn about what information you are viewing. Using this network, be careful and do not break the law, as the high anonymity attracts her various data related to the crime.
  3. For the English-speaking audience , there are several search engines , specialized in the work of the deep internet . All of them are of little use for Russian-speaking people , but one remarkable resource -, which contains copies of web pages and their contents taken at different time intervals . With this resource , you can find out the information that was contained even on sites that do not work at the moment.
So what is meant by a deep internet is a very versatile concept and work with him, leading the search for the required information must also diversify.