How to translate the website into Russian?

The extensive development of the global Internet and its availability has led to what the World Wide Web has become a unique tool for communication and information. Any user connected to the network can instantly find all the interesting information at any time in any country and in most cases free of charge. The only problem that you may encounter is the language barrier. Gradually, however, this problem is solved by the system of automatic translation, which the major search engines such as Google and Yandex added to their search results. Consider how they can be used to translate the site you are interested in.

How to translate the website into Russian Google
Run translation using the Google search engine in two ways:
  1. Open your browser address left field and copy the complete URL address of the site that you want to translate. Translate.

    Google TranslateGoogle Translate

  2. If you find a site that you want to translate in the search results Google, you challenge his transfer easier. Translatepage that is displayed in the search results to the right website address.

    translation from Google search resultstranslation from Google search results

  3. Even more convenient is to translate the site, if you use the Chrome browser from Google. Translate to Russian.
How to translate the website into Russian in Yandex
With Yandex any site can be translated by analogous methods.
  1. In your browser, open the page of the Interpreter Yandex - Translate.

    Yandex translatorYandex translator

  2. If the address of the page found in the search results Yandex, the right of her address in bold green color, click the triangle in the pop-up menu, selectTranslation.

    Transfer from the search results YandexTransfer from the search results Yandex

Of course, the quality of machine translation are still very far from that which can be obtained with a knowledge of the language. Especially it will be noticeable in the texts , which contain a large number of turns speaking , but a system of automatic translation are constantly improved and it is possible that soon will come close to the results of the "human" professional translation .